Why would he tell me he’s going on a date?

I dated this guy back in March. We met online had 3 dates then he did the slow fade. 2-3 weeks go by he super likes me tinder so I swiped right, he messages me. He ends up saying he doesn’t know why we stopped talking then goes on to say he’s scared to get close to someone... he thinks I live too far (45 mins drive)... he’s enjoying being single. Asking why he didn’t know why we stopped taking but clearly did, didn’t make sense to me.

Week ago he calls me out of the blue. We talked for around 15 mins he asked if I was still dating I said yes he said he’s bored of dating. 3 days later he texts me and we been texting a bit since.

Last night he says he’s supposed to go on a date tonight but he can’t be bothered. My heart literally did a flip. I definitely like him but I don’t feel jealous or anything and of course I am talking to/dating people too but it was just a shock that he said that. Why would he do that? I just replied with good luck ;-) I didn’t really know what else to say...
Why would he tell me he’s going on a date?
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