Any advice for our first date to a hockey game tonight?

I'm really nervous! We met online and have been talking for a couple weeks. Tonight were meeting at a hockey game for the first time seeing each other. I'm extremely nervous because he may not think I'm cute. Don't get me wrong I have pictures of myself on my profile but they are good pictures. What do we talk about? Should we walk around between periods? I'm over thinking everything!


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  • The trick is to be yourself because you don't want to sounds like you are trying too hard to get his attention. Also, talk about the hockey game, or anything that comes to mind. JUST NOT THE WEATHER LOL. Anyway, I'm sure he will make conversation with you. And make sure you look presentable. And if he's into it, you'll know it.

    Good luck tonight!

  • Ahhh freezing- bundle up! Buy a hot drink or bring one.

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