He takes so long to reply, should I do the same thing back to him?

He ALWAYS takes hours and even days to respond. But when he does respond, he carries the conversation, as if he never disappeared for more than 24 hours.. At least he does remember to text back and the conversation isn't one-sided.

Should I do the same thing back to him? Match my response time with him? Or not text him at all anymore?

He takes 1, or more day to respond.


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  • No, just reply when you want to reply... there's no point in making a game of it. If you want to keep messaging him, keep messaging him, if you feel like you don't want to anymore then don't. You don't have to do something because of what other people do.

    • I agree. If it bothers you then ask him directly and watch what he will say. Sometimes people are just nonchalant when it comes to responding to messages and sometimes they are just being rude. Or maybe he is playing games, which is still childish.

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  • If you are texting you can't expect people to respond quickly.


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  • a day? just dont text him for a couple of days, see if he notices.. if he asks why you haven't txted him. just imply that he does the same thing.. some guys are like girls and only want you around for attention. if you cut it of from him he might sorty see what he does to you..(if he even cares)