What does it mean when a guy interlocks our fingers?

Okay, so during a play we all have to go out and bow, so me and my crush work backstage so we go on last. He would always stand next to me. He would interlock our fingers and hold it for a little while longer than we were supposed to. I look at who else he was standing next to and it was my friend. She told me he didn't interlock their fingers. I thought it wasn't a big deal. Then the next performance we bowed again, and he stood next to me and did the same thing. But someone else stood on the other side. My friend looked and saw that he wasn't interlocking fingers with her. Please help!!


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  • Same except it wasn't in front of other people it was inside a blanket and everything we would try to talk he would be like let's just forget it. as if it never happened don't know what to think of it. and we rnt dating either!!!

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