(college) White girls: Would you date a indian guy?

I'm fairly new to this site, only just stumbled upon it late last night. From all the Q&A's I've read - so far - it seems like many (white) women are just not attracted to Indian guys. The reason this is important is because I am currently enrolled in a university in Texas where the majority of women are white. I've been here almost three years and honestly I've had NO LUCK! Not even a date. Personally, I am quite, introverted, "keep to myself and don't bother anyone" type of guy. But recently school has become really stressful and I've just become depressed & lonely. I feel so unwanted. I could really just use a girlfriend, or even a female confidant.. someone to help take the edge off. Is there anything I can do to maybe separate myself from this stigma that seems to be surrounding Indian males? Maybe even catch the eye of a few girls? Just need any advice.


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  • The way these girls will go out with you is when you show value.

    I'm sure out of ALL of the white girls there, there has to be ONE that is into Indian guys.

    The thing is you need to also approach women. Sure you might get rejected a lot, but how else do you expect to meet a girl if you don't get yourself out there.

    Where I live, Indian guys and White girls is VERY common.

    I see these couples all the time, funny enough my best friend is Indian and he married a white girl. They are super happy together and they just had their 1st kid a few months ago.

    Don't let color get in the way and change your attitude. Girls like confident guys, so you gotta be aggressive when chasing girls.

    • first of, i want to say race is really not an issue for me. i only mentioned white because thats really the only option i have around here. i really don't have a preference.

      moving on, my brother is 10 years older than me and has actually been with a handful of white girls. even he tells me that it's not that big of a deal; however, i feel that my age group hasn't had the time to fully mature just yet. which leads me to believe a lot of women don't want to be singled out of their respective cliques.. ya know, be the one know as "the only girl in the sorority with a indian boyfriend" etc etc. i do agree, there has do be one that finds me attractive but really that wouldn't matter if most find me repulsive

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  • like from indian? well i go to uni in texas and i wouldint.. but you would be suprised

    i have a best friend who really likes "brown guys".

    but i think she means hispanic, thats all I've seen her with.. I don't know

    iam sure that if your really hot no one would care lol

    • ya, i was born in india. i moved to texas when i was 6, im 20 now. but to expand on your comment, is there a specific reason why you wouldn't and is there something that would change your mind? i'm fairly light skinned, does that come into play? or is that fact that im indian enough to keep you away. im especially intrigued with the female perspective

    • its more about culture than race,, i would prolbaly feel like we have nothing in common. and too many things we dissagre on , im fairly "preppy" and my family is pretty conservitive. maybe i would feel awkward around his family. i mean im not like dumb blonde looking, but i do have light brown hair and blueish green eyes. i wouldint want them to judge me.. and plus i dont really like tans, even on white guys. and I've never seen one that i was attrated too , and that IS somewhat important. hehe

    • i agree, attraction is the key. i guess it is what it is, some will like me some won't. also, i can definitely understand why it would be so important that the girl felt comfortable around my family; one of my brother ex's couldn't handle the "judgmental looks" from my mom. but would that really be an issue? at least while we were in college.. 400 miles away from my family?

  • Indians can be attractive, really.But confidence is key.Put yourself out there.Find a nice girl, and make your intentions known.If she's interested she'll be easily receptive.

    • looking past attraction to indians.. let's simply talk attraction. how can i be "confident?" what are traits women look for in a "confident male." moreover, what is "receptive." im quite clueless when it comes to women, in general. your gender is shrouded in mystery..

      sorry for the barrage of questions, but i feel like i should be well versed in my approaches before i attempt anything bold.

    • I find your questions amusing (: By confident I mean that you keep your intentions forward and clear.Never do you want to put someone in a situation where they're left guessing at your motives, goals.From a different stance, being confident also means putting in the appropriate amount of effort, and taking into account how you'll get there...Receptive only meant that its always easier for a girl to gauge a guy, allow herself to be taken to a guy, when he's as I described.It's all about the approach.

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  • I answered a similar question here:


    That will answer your question about white girls liking Indian men.

    Now, I think you'll have better luck if you open up a little bit. Girls like guys who are confident. If you're the quiet, shy type who likes to keep to yourself, then you're not going to have much luck finding any kind of girl.

    If you're depressed and lonely, then you need to find a way to become happy again. You need to be able love yourself first. No girl is going to want to date a guy who will only be happy only if he has a girl in his life.

    Do things you enjoy. Try to do things in your free time that will take your mind off of the stress. And see if you find something that you enjoy where you can meet other people, especially women. The first step (after loving yourself), is to befriend girls and work your way slowly with them. Eventually, you will feel better and chances are find a good woman you like who likes you back.

    • yeah, i spend a good amount of time at the university rec center. it helps, keeps me sane.. keeps me healthy. i used to be EXTREMELY over weight and the depression / self esteem issues never really faded. im not much of a dinker, making it exponentially more difficult to even meet new people, especially in college

  • I will tell you my secret mate. It's Free, but if u feel to pay me, i accept "Most Helpful". haha..just kidding. I want to help u sincerely.

    Well Here its is. I'm an Asian . So i cannot escape my blood that i was born with.
    Here is what i learned from my experiences.(still working on it)

    1. Be patience.
    2. Have a noble intention. ( i mean put your self as a public servant)
    3. Smile. ( See the baby's smiles? every smiles back because its innocent and genuine)
    4. Be genuinely interested to other's interest.
    5. Strict to your self but be gentle to others. (Humbleness)

    If you follow this guidelines and be interested to learn according to your experiences and treating your mistake as a gift.Men, i tell you it will change your Life.
    I think base in your current condition u dont need a girl friend for now.What U need most is the understanding how Human Thinks.

    be a genuine friend and be the one who satisfied people's hunger of being importance. I tell u, u can break all the walls that separate us to them (not only for the white people but for everybody) even the devil himself will cry if u die in old age.

    HAhaha..Wish it helps.

    Good Luck.

  • Try with Indian girls maybe.

    • they are quite scarce at my university.. hah

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    • there are a few. but not any that i know personally. which is the real problem, i guess

    • Then get to know them, at least you won't get rejected ASAP.

  • I'm a Chinese guy. White girls aren't all that great dude, they have nothing in common with our eastern cultures. Especially in Texas ugh redneck crazyland. Forget those chicks settle with an Indian girl or whatever. Maybe a bunch of white girls are awesome but not every single one of them.

    I used to be introvert myself it's social laziness. It's not cool to tire of being around people。 Enjoy being around people! Stop being such a loner live a little and put yourself out there! Being so anti-social is just dumb that's what I realized.

    Also "I've just become depressed & lonely. I feel so unwanted. I could really just use a girlfriend, or even a female confidant.. someone to help take the edge off."

    all sounds unattractive to girls. I've been here before I understand the thinking but it's not something you want to tell girls just my advice

    • any tips on breaking into the scene? as per the the white girl part: at least until i get my degree and move to a more urban / city area, white girls are really all i have to choose from; i live in a small college town.. in texas.

    • I mean, if you went to UT-Austin or went to a school in San Antonio or Houston, I could give you some suggestions. But it just depends what's available to you. Does your school have any clubs or organizations you can get involved in? Volunteer projects? Join a study group with kids in your class? College is a great time to meet people. You just gotta take those opportunities.

    • people have told to to join clubs, but i would just feel out of place and awkward because i wouldn't know anyone.. but then again, thats why i would be joining lmao. i might actually try that, as there are always people outside the student union building trying to recruit for their organizations