What is difference between hug and cuddle?

English dictionary gave me same definitions for both of them.. but when I read posts here it seems they are different..

is hug with friends? and cuddle with boy friend?

"hugs are a great way to express affection"-from the dictionary :P

do you hug/cuddle others a lot?


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  • A hug is a universal form of physical intimacy were two people put their hands across each other body or neck to "connect" with affection.

    A cuddle is also a form of intimacy but it happens between people who have closer relationships with each other. It is a prolonged form of showing one's affection.


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  • well to me a hug is just what I sounds like , I not a big huger to just anyone but some people are for example my sons girl friends family everyone hugs you when you come and before you go or even when they see you out somewhere

    now cuddle to me is laying together on the floor or bed with your body's kinda intertwined maybe her head on my chest with are legs between the others and arms around each other... could be as simple as watching tv or middle of the night in bed

    I am sure everyone's ideas are a little different so you'll probably get a wide variety of opinions

    • :) thank you for your opinion! now I really know the difference!

  • hugs are friendly signs of affection and cuddling is usually for someone you are romantically interested in.
    Cuddling: www.cuddlecomfort.com/.../cuddling-in-bed.jpg

  • A cuddle is a much longer hug


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