What do the different hugs mean?

I met this boy the other day, and whenever he hugs me he always puts his arm down so mine go around his shoulders and rubs my back. We flirt too.

So my question is is there differences between the hugs guys give? Back rub, pat, and just normal?


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  • I got this from a website.

    The One Arm Hug. You know the hug, when he just throws one arm around your shoulder and gives you a cursory squeeze. Either he doesn’t want to hug you (i.e. he’s just not into you), or he is the most stiff and awkward man on the planet. If you’re into this guy, proceed with caution, you’re likely to get your heart broken or be horrendously frustrated trying to teach him how to be normal.

    The One Up/One Down Hug. This is the universal friendship hug (one arm over the shoulder, one arm under). It’s the hug he gives his Great Aunt Thelma when she comes to visit. It means he’s not awkward, but he’s probably not that into you. Definitely still an uphill battle.

    The Two Up Hug. This is the comfort hug (both of his arms are around your shoulders). This is usually what he will do when he sees you are upset and wants to just comfort you and make it all better. It can be romantic or platonic, so determining that has a lot to do with his hands--do they stay put or do they roam? Stationary usually equals platonic and roaming indicates there is something else on his mind too.

    The Two Down Hug. This is of course the hug that universally says he’s into you. After all, putting his arms around your waist naturally forces you to put yours around his neck … perfect positioning for him to move in for the kill.

    The point in the hierarchy? If you like the guy, you want to move up it FAST.

    And once you’re in that established relationship, Cosmo decodes what his hugs mean then.

    The Waist Wrap Hug. Cosmo Says: He wants you. He wants you now. (Nice to know Cosmo agrees with me). If he touches his forehead to yours, he wants to “merge his thoughts with yours.”

    I like that idea, so yet another proof that Gen Y men might have more than just one thing on their minds.

    The Sneak Attack Hug. Cosmo says: If he wraps his arms around you from behind, he’s “blanketing your body” with his love.

    Aww, that’s sweet. But, you should probably be cautioned if that’s all he ever does. That would be a little creepy. My bet is he is hiding something.

    The Rub Hug. Cosmo Says: You can’t see your back, so rubbing it means he wants to nurture and protect you. Rubbing is also sexual, so don’t be surprised if he tries to get frisky. Or, he’s hinting he wants you to rub his back.

    Number one is sweet, but number two and three are definitely more frequent and often intertwined. Most likely, he wants something.

    The Pat Hug. Cosmo Says: This could mean many things including he’s not into you, he’s mad at you or he’s encouraging you.


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  • Guys are not as complicated in that we usually don't have hidden meanings for our actions. It could be that he just wants you to know he's being supportive of you. You may want to pay attention to the length of the hug: the more comfortable he is around you, the less awkward the hug will be.


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  • ermm... I don't know. I know that there is a side hug, and a normal up front hug. I have hugs from my "guy friend" who is 6.2 foot and I'm 5.3 foot and hugs me and lifts me up, every time we see each other. So, I think that's a normal hug. :)

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