What does hugs mean?

What does this mean?

I had an emotional affair w/a guy two years ago. We still work together. We ended it mutually because we were both in other relationships...there was no sex...just kissing, touching, talking. Its been REALLY hard to work w/him because I love him but can't be w/him. I am not sure how he feels about me, but we have remained friends. We email sometimes, share things about our relationships, at times, etc. We are very supportive of each other.

Recently, he seemed really down & told me he is going through a depression. A few emails started back and forth & I ended up telling him I still had feelings for him. He responded saying he was SO sorry for any hurt he caused me. He was wonderful but said nothing back to indicate he feels anything for me anymore.

Then, it was my last day at work before Christmas break. I gave him a gift & he then hugged me--a longer than normal hug. But, right after he did that, he called his girlfriend. The conversation was mundane but he knows I can hear everything. It felt weird to me. Was he trying to make it clear he has a gf? Was he trying to make me feel jealous? Was he feeling guilty? Also, when I was leaving a few hours later, he gave me another hug. He is so sweet to me all the time but he is that kind of guy too.

I just need opinions on why he would call his girlfriend right after hugging me? And, if a guy doesn't respond back when you say you have feelings for them, does that mean he feels nothing?
What does hugs mean?
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