Does he like me? what does it mean by the way he hugged me?

I work with this guy I am 5'3 he is 6'3 maybe a little shorter. he always pokes me or high fives me at work. like lots of highfives and always visits me. and the other night he came me a ride home his excuse to come in my new kitten. we were sitting on the couch side by side and hed go pet the kitten but his hand would touch mine or my leg lightly or hed be just staring at me and id go beat red. he rested his head on my shoulder at one point. and then we got up after and he was poking me and tickling me again. I was laughing and then after he had his arms out shoulder level and I moved in for a hug but this was my first time hugging a guy so I was caught off guard and really didn't know what to do. he wrapped his arms around my neck/shoulder towering me and my head instantly was squished into his chest tilted to the side. I didn't really know what to do with my hands the first time so they were to the side. then after a bit he hugged me again and I did wrap my hands around his waist. I don't think even if I tip toed id be able to reach up to wrap my arms around his neck, so did I hug him properly then? and did he like this bc everytime he had his arms up high like he wanted them around my neck. we hugged about 7 times do you tall guys like it when a girls head is in there chest? and why. do you think he enjoyed me hugging him like that? or should of I tried having my arms around his neck? I don't know how it would have worked though. I think he likes me but im not sure? reading this do you think he does? also he kept kind of looking at my lips and eyes and id look down and blush and he tried cornering me one time to hug me but I ran under his arms teasing him and he grabbed me by my waist from behind and picked me up like I was flying. and another time I was sitting on my bed and him infront of me I was nervous. what does it mean when he hugged me like this over the neck? did I hug him okay? and would have he liked this
Does he like me? what does it mean by the way he hugged me?
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