I am the complete opposite of his ex?

My new boyfriend recently (very recently) got out of a serious relationship which worries me. He was dumped by her. I have been told I am out of his league, or that I'm prettier than his ex but I can't help but worry he may be using me to get back at her. I am the complete opposite of her. I've met her before and she was super bubbly, ditzy, and overly sweet. I on the other hand am intelligent, slightly socially awkward, and on the quieter side. Do you think this is a sign I am just a rebound? He never mentions his ex, and I'm almost positive they don't speak anymore but I can't help but wonder. What do you think this means?


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  • You might be a rebound you might not be. I personally wouldn't date a guy who just got out of a relationship though because I think everyone needs some time to heal. If you are a rebound, he could end up liking you, its just not a good look that he just got out of a relationship though.