Why Money Really DOESN'T MATTER


For those guys who are so stubborn that it's gotten so bad you actually want money to matter...move along. But for those who have even have one shred of hope that money doesn't matter towards success with women read on...

Why Money Really DOESN'T MATTER

Why it seems to work

So we didn't just pull it out of thin air--there's a reason we think money is what's missing from making this whole dating thing a lot simpler. But let's deconstruct why we've reached this conclusion:

Guys who have a lot of money usually have a lot of fame as well. It can be intoxicating to be around a guy who's seen as the best and coveted but money alone won't create that image. You can't hit the lottery and suddenly become a stud to anyone but a gold digger (who...surprise can't do anything for you but make you sexually satisfied as you'll always know she doesn't really love you.) Off this, it's very important to realize girls who are turned on by the sight of a large bank account are gold diggers--not typical girls. That's who it works for and they are a small percentage by comparison.

Having Money Can Actually Slow You Down Here's Why...

You did it. You got that job. You got that salary. You bought that watch, that car, that house...so...where are the hordes of hot women? When you realize it's just as bit as hard as if you didn't have any money at all it will mess with your mind. What did I do all this for?! Why on Earth should i be personable and charismatic and get to know her in order to build attraction just like some broke dude?! I'm rich!

Worse than this though you've put yourself in the Provider catagory. You're the guy who gets the kiss on the cheek (if you're dating a girl over 21 it's very unlikely she's never had a one night stand so don't rationalize it that way.) Is this because girls love to use guys? Not really. It's more about the fact that you approached a girl with this message: I'm rich and I can buy you stuff if you talk to me. Since this is the message she's getting from you, she's just following that lead and hanging out with you and giving you a sort of girlfriend experience without any passion. You've bought it. It isn't real. This is why some wealthy guys will actually play down their money because they've finally realized it's more important for a girl to invest in them and not their many bank accounts.

Make Money For Yourself

So then if money only attracts the wrong girls or girls the wrong way and you can do everything the same maybe even better when you're broke...why not be broke and have fun?? Well, consider just making money to make yourself happy. Travel to each continent, take care of your momma, go jet skiing in the South of France.

When You're Broke Dating Girls Is One of the Few Things You Can Do

Even buying videogames costs money, but as much as guys complain that they're too broke to talk to girls like that, it's simply not true. If you have the money to take a girl to a fancy restaurant go ahead, but if you don't then just take her to the park. Again, it's you she's investing in and even if she is a spoiled brat (I don't know why you'd want to talk her but anyway...) you can make her see that real fun, real joy, real romance is made when she puts your heart in yours not when you kill yourself to give her something she honestly doesn't need. Again, I'm not saying if you're rich to not buy her nice stuff and take her on nice trips but this is literally only icing and doesn't matter one bit in attracting her. I know...a girl would rather go to Paris than Outback Steakhouse, but consider this...Rich guys are always pulling crap like inviting a girl to go with them to Europe that they met like a day ago and yet they don't often actually go...they actually end up spending time with guys closer to you. This is because girls aren't motivated by being bought, so don't try to buy them. In other words, don't ever let money do your attraction work for you...it won't work like you want it to.

Why Money Really DOESN'T MATTER
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