How to Succeed in College

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I have seen a number of people ask questions about college and going to school, friends, and many things relating to that. I thought I would just give my top 10 tips and then maybe a few other pieces of advice as well.

1. Go to class

This should go without being said, but many professors do not care if you show up or not. It is not high school anymore. It is on you to go to class and to make sure you know what is going on. There are many things that might not be in notes that the professor mentions that will be on the exam. I know someone who failed a bowling class because they did not show up.

2. Participate in class

This is kind of relating to number 1 but just going to class is not enough. You should try and answer questions that the professor asks. This helps in two ways, it shows you care and that you are paying attention to the professor, but also it can help you make sure that you understand what is being taught as well.
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3. Ask questions

This is kind of related to answering questions as well, but you need to ask questions if you are unsure. This can help you understand important concepts. In high school there may have been things that won't matter anymore but a lot of what you learn in college is important. It also helps to show you want to learn and you are not just there for a grade

4. Go to your professors' office hours

They have them not only because they are required to but they do actually want you to come, and sometimes you can learn a lot of information from them in their office in addition that what is taught in class. It also shows that you care which really can help out sometimes and can help the teachers recommend you for jobs in the future. Visiting in the office can also help answer the questions you have on assignments. Just be sure to show you have made an honest attempt at the assignment beforehand.

5. Go to the library

This is a great place to study and do research. The library is usually free from distractions so it is a good place to study. They also should have librarians that are there to help you with research and anything you may need help with.

6. Join clubs related to your major

This is important because first you can learn new skills. That matters because they can help you stand out in the future. It is also a great way to network with other students, they can help you in the future and you can help them. It also can look good on a resume.

7. Take a leadership role in your organizations

Just being in the clubs is not always enough. You want to try and assume a leadership role in the organizations so you have more to say when you get asked what you did in a job interview. You can have concrete examples as opposed to just saying "I did stuff". It also would be good to join student government on your campus for leadership experience. Leadership is a skill that will help in the future.

8. Be nice to your professors

They can make great references - many might be very respected in the field they are in and they will be great to have on your side. That is important to have someone who can be a good reference, and you should respect them because they have worked hard to be where they are. Some of them can serve as a mentor to you and can offer guidance for you. Many professors I have had truly care about the students and are willing to help out.
"Many professors are very respected in the field they are in, and will be great to have on your side."

9. Network with other students they can also be beneficial and can help you out

Networking is important - knowing the right people can really help out sometimes. You might want other people do help you and that is fine, but you need to help them out too. Always try to be a good friend to people and never burn bridges. The larger your network the better. Get to know as many people as possible.

10. You are there to study but take time for yourself

You are a student and you are there to learn and to work. But trust me you need to take time for yourself. You need to relax or you will be very stressed. Just make sure to be smart about what you do.

In closing remarks this list does not necessarily have everything on it, but I feel it is good info. I know relationships are an important part too. Just trust your best judgment if it seems like something is wrong it is. Be smart about relationships and if a friend says that a person is no good they might be looking out for you.
How to Succeed in College
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  • Prof_Don
    #9 is so seriously VITAL if you want to have a starting successful career very shortly out of school.

    I have learned through my job searching, is "fit over credentials".

    The less qualified applicant that fits better with the culture of that particular workplace, will have an edge over the person that is more qualified but is less of a cultural fit of the workplace.

    Networking gets you an inside edge on how the culture of the company is.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hannah591
    I'm joining a college at the end of the year which I'm nervous about because I've been out of education for a year and my brain feels really slow. I can't even do basic maths questions anymore! I hope to be dedicated and motivated to succeed and I hope I don't get too stressed!
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  • blufrenzy93
    To add on to what art84 said, I think it's extremely important to do the work. My college classes so far are nothing compared to high school in regards to "homework." As a matter of fact, there really isn't any. Just papers that are highly weighted. So if you just decide to skip an assignment, it could really hurt you in the long run.
  • emmabee11
    You forgot to mention it will help to keep your notes organized by buying a binderm some subject dividers and then when you write in your note pads you then take that out of the note pad and put it in the right divider then you can re-type or re-write out your notes as your lecturers never wait for you when taking notes you have to write them really quickly. Your notes are the most important thing when passing your courses, if your notes are a complete mess then you can't make sense of it.
  • Mjmolly
    Great tips but I just want to add time management.Managing your time well is very important because you may never find time for anything else if you are always behind schedule.It also helps prevent stress and panicking and reduces the chances of producing poorly done assignments.Students have a tendency of waiting tills the last minute to do assignments which is usually detrimental.
  • armstrong7984
    wow I agree with all of this. The biggest thing is to not be embrassed or shy if you are unsure about an answer or don't understand something. And always go to the study groups, lots of times the professor will stop on by and will practically give away the answers that he wants you to put on the exam.
  • tadpole25
    pretty much the typical checklist. nothing out of the ordinary on this list or anything original, but I guess that's the point. you don't have to do anything super different or crazy - just stay dedicated
  • MrReal
    If I might add, be accountable. Many young students these days forget to commit to deadlines, due dates, group meetings, and promises. If you want to be successful you must stick to a schedule and not deviate from it nor procrastinate.
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  • ImperfectDVM
    Yes, an article that will actually help me succeed! Thank you!
  • art84
    Always turn in your assignments on time before the due date.
  • Marawa
    Very good article.
  • doctorwhofan23
    You liked it! Thank you
  • doctorwhofan23
  • slizzy