Do these college dating stats surprise you?

1. Women Make Up 56% of the College Population
Sorry, ladies – when it comes to college dating, men have a slight advantage. The number of women attending college in the U. S. outnumbers men 56 to 44. It’ll be a little easier for guys to snag dates with a larger pool of women to choose from.

2. 25% of College Seniors are Virgins
College campuses aren’t just hookup havens. A number of students have begun choosing abstinence over condoms. Twelve percent of females and 13 percent of males over the age of 21 are virgins.

3. 32.5% of College Relationships are Long-Distance
High school relationships can be hard to let go of. They can also be difficult to keep alive. Almost a third of college students find themselves in long distance relationships – so if you’re tired of hearing about your roommate’s boyfriend back home, you aren’t alone.

4. One in Four College Students Has an STD
There’s a reason college health centers hand out free condoms, and it’s STDs. With one out of every four students contracting some sort of STD, you never know what your potential date might be hiding.

7. 1/3 of College Seniors Have Been on Fewer Than Two Dates
Dating in college doesn’t mean you’ll actually get the chance to go on a “real date.” A third of college seniors confess that they’ve been on fewer than two dates in four years – so don’t assume that “hanging out” means dinner and a movie.

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I have known for the last few years that college towns are some of the worst places for dating.
Do these college dating stats surprise you?
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