Do you think people without college degrees are jealous of those who have them?

Do you think people without college degrees are jealous of those who have them?
For that sake of this question, I'm only considering a Bachelor's and higher.

I asked a question earlier about men finding women with a higher level of education attractive or intimidating. Most responses actually answered the question (which thank you to those who are able to do that) but there were some that thought I was 'bitter' because I'm single and educated (Bachelor's). Don't know how they got that conclusion from one question but any whooooooooooo...

I kinda noticed on this site in general that people without degrees like to knock down those who have one. It almost seems like they don't feel a Bachelor's is something anyone should be proud of. It's always 'wow, you wasted your money' or 'you know that doesn't make you smart, right?'

I'll be honest, but it seems like those comments come mostly from bitterness that they don't have a higher level of education or didn't have the ability to get one. I don't think I've ever seen anyone on here say that you need to get a Bachelor's so I don't get the anger from those who do not have one. I tell my students all the time that technical schools are great as are community colleges and certificated programs and that college is not the only avenue.

But it's getting really annoying that people who don't have a degree feel the need to knock someone down just because they do have one. I don't get that logic. I think they have the perception that a Bachelor's makes someone think they're better than others but really it's just being proud of your accomplishment. I think people without a degree act like they're better because they had this revelation that college is expensive as if no one with a degree knew that going in.

I've seen it from both men and women (though, granted, I've seen it a lot more from men) this attitude.
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By the way, when I say 'ability' to get a degree, I meant financially or circumstantially, not intellect. Most anyone who went to college could tell you there were some not so smart people graduating.
Do you think people without college degrees are jealous of those who have them?
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