Are you adventurous, why or why not?

I am. I’m currently in Alaska doing a seasonal job. I don’t think I like it here all that much. But next stop is Atlanta and then…I’m going to Spain 😇 joining a test kitchen crew of chefs and scientists. I won’t be leaving for another year. But while I’m in Atlanta I’ll just be continuing to cook and love children. I know a guy who does jazzy (older people) radio, so I’ll be looking to add a poetry segment to his show. We shall see. Anything is possible.

Sometimes I sit back and really think like damn, some of this shit feels like a fairytale.
Half the time I don’t even believe what’s happening around me is real. Yet I am always having odd experiences that most won’t be able to relate to.

From a shitty home life, to circus training as a minor with my best friend (now dead), to going to a great film school in Florida, to owning a small bakery business, to late night “clubbing” with artsy people, to freelance light designing for theater houses, to taking a job in Alaska (leaving my bakery behind) to now Atlanta and then Spain.

I’m not even sure I’m real sometimes.
And no this isn’t me bragging or anything. I am just pleasantly surprised at how my life is going. Doing a lot. Taking great risks. Being the best me that I can.
Are you adventurous, why or why not?
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