Do you believe Multi level Marketing should be illegal?

I have been making research about people watch YouTube videos people share their experience joining MLM'S. What I mean MLM'S company like LuLaRoe, Mary Kay , Beach body , Herbalife and my worst enemy Amway I hate it with a passion. Now people on YouTube had sheared they're experience on how it has ruin thier marriage , relationships , family and friends later live it to regret thier decision , Also left them in debt how the upline obligated the downline to open credit card even used fast cash to invest on this MLM'S. Amway has ruin my marriage in so many ways. Now I want to help people a spread the word if you go to Starbucks Panera and someone comes up to you all nice red flag. I did know that Target Store had baned these Amway recruiters for harassing their customers. The environment is Toxic the make you pay to hotel rooms and attend these conventions oh and if you are married they will leave these weird rulers man separate in one room and woman in their own room. If you don't attend these conventions the uplines with shame you and claim that you are not working hard , Oh you don't want to be successful. I just want to help people and if you had an MLM horror story feel free to share.
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I love to add MLM'S will make you pay a fee for joining yet they claim that the goal is to be financially free the recruiters will say you are your own boss , You choose the time you want to invest weird thing if you don't make an order weekly or missed an event they will go off on you worst then a boss would , Interesting how it that being a business owner if the upline is acting way worst then a boss. I know no so many people will agree and not agree.
Do you believe Multi level Marketing should be illegal?
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