Do you work full time hours?

My dad is an engineer but works around 1-3 hours a day because he is intelligent so gets his job done around 15 times quicker than his associates at the engineering firm who might be half as productive as him despite working 3-6 times number of hours he does. I am also trying to become a published author and I plan on working less than 3 hours a day at my craft cause I want to exercise and cook and clean and socialize and study and read and enjoy myself. I plan on maintaining the same schedule I did when I was a university student, some times I worked 1 hour a day and sometimes 2 or 4. I once got an A+ in a class while averaging 45 minutes of study time a week for that course outside lecture. I memorized all 450+ pages of course readings during the 3 days before class started.
Do you work full time hours?
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