Am I the a**hole for leaving work early?

My boss was creating a chaotic, toxic environment toward his customers like he usually does. He plays favorites, tells everyone that I am his favorite while other employees basically are not to be trusted.

He lies to customers about vehicle parts installations, overcharges them for things that aren't even available, etc etc. My co-worker has basically the same experience in auto parts and is about the same age or older and he's been telling me this.

My boss always likes to yell and cuss at customers, telling them he knows more than them, etc etc. I was going to work till 4pm today, but instead I clocked out at 2pm.

I told my case manager, my job coach, and my therapist each from different agencies about this whole situation; each answered with a different perspective. However, my therapist was the one who barely understood what I was going through.

I had to explain to my job coach and my therapist that my boss doesn't care what time you clock in or out, as long as you don't go past 5 hours in one row (statewide lunch break policy).

My therapist was still on that huurr-duurr "What could you have handle better?" "This would be unacceptable if done every day" sort of mentality. And a literal f**king capitalist at that.

I want to f**king quit my g*d**n job.
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Am I the a**hole for leaving work early?
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