Why the (inappropriate) assumption?

- I am a senior manager, that has made my company a ton of money with winning new clients spanning 6 years - hence why I’m a ‘Head of’.

- Our business project manages events.

- My colleague ( a fellow Director) hired some woman into a Project Executive role, and then promoted her to Project Manager a couple of weeks later.

- We told her all was going well for 2 months.

- She turned up at a 5 day event that she has been carrying out professional work for, and I decided she was better suited to cleaning work upon her arrival, and told my colleagues to assign her 5 days of cleaning work.

- We didn’t explicitly communicate this to her, as there was no point.
We just felt she obviously wasn’t project manager calibre, when we met her in person. My colleagues didn’t feel she fit in, and it wasn’t going to work out with the PM job.

- She complained to the Directors that hired her she returned to the event, and they (rightly) told her that they 100% back whatever I do - without question as (1) I’m extremely senior in the company (2) I make them a ton of money.

- They offered her the same rate of salary as an exec, but with no exec duties - to carry out whatever random work my junior staff or myself couldn’t really be bothered to do.

- She reluctantly agreed, but was kind of resentful and snippy in her attitude. So we immediately fired her.
And this was further proof that she wasn’t good enough for our company.

- She has now randomly issued a race discrimination claim against us?

- ... Because of the “assumptions” I made with assigning her cleaning duties.
In her claim, she draws (irrelevant) attention to the fact that the corporate is 99% white, and she is black.

- Can anyone explain the unreasonability of such mindsets, and if you have experienced similar? ...
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Also she says firing her before the contract ‘officially’ concluded, resulted in her losing $5K of wages, and that she has “never done cleaning work” as she has a degree and years of office experience. Cleaning work is realistically all she was good for 😏 I don’t understand her drama, and why people behave like this...
10 mo
- She has also raised the point that no other project manager was assigned this work, on site at the event by me.
The other PM have years of experience and are clearly qualified, who knows what the hell that black woman’s credentials were.

- I honestly don’t understand the unnecessary drama she is bringing.

- She was demoted to a cleaner immediately on arrival , as myself colleagues didn’t feel she presented on arrival with what we imagined of a fellow Exec.
Why the (inappropriate) assumption?
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