What Business Major Is Best for An Entrepreneur?

Hi! My major is Computer Engineering, and I am presently a junior. I enjoy my major and intend to pursue it further. However, I've come to realize that I actually despise working for others. I got a new job a few months ago, and my boss is, to put it mildly, a jerk. However, I've discovered that I enjoy working with technology and intend to continue doing so. I used to work as a freelance digital marketer on the side. Then it became increasingly evident to me that I might be able to establish a business using my skills. I have several business ideas and funds set aside.

During my time in school, I discovered that I am highly interested in business, and that my technical talents may be useful. I considered double majoring (I could technically minor), especially because some business majors will be completed quickly (some I am even closer to graduating than with my engineering). I'm considering double majoring in Accounting, Management Information Systems (MIS), Marketing, or Management (general). Of course, there's finance, but I figured I'd have a better shot with the other choices.

I would also love to hear from anyone who is in any of these fields or majored in them. What suggestions do you have? Why? Would it be beneficial to my business? How would it benefit my company? Is it worthwhile to double major? Thank you very much!
What Business Major Is Best for An Entrepreneur?
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