Does studying in another city or state make people think you’re from there & not from your hometown?

So I live in a big city & this is my hometown where I grew up & everything, but I had to move away to a smaller city when I was in grade 11 for my dads work, so my whole family & I moved there together. I was only there for my last 2 years of high school & thought I would come back here after finishing grade 12 there cause I didn’t like living there. But then I realised that the degree I wanted to study was actually not available at any of the universities in my
Hometown, and that even though the city I was in temporarily was a small city, the National university of the country is there & they had the degree that I wanted to study, so I ended up finishing my undergraduate degree there too.

I have now moved back to my hometown because I’m finished with university in that small city, & I didn’t like it there, so I just came back. However I had to move back alone cause my family still needs to stay there for work.

What I was wandering though is, does going to university in another state or city suddenly make people think you’re not from your hometown? Cause whenever I’ve met new people here since I moved back alone 6 months ago, & we’ve had conversations about where we studied for university, as soon as they hear me say I studied in another city, they think I’m from there & they don’t really seem to listen to the part where I said I’m actually from here but was just there for uni.

Lots of people move away to different cities or countries to study at a university that’s more suitable for their career cause not every city has a university that has what some people may wanna study. I don’t understand why that would take away my identity from my hometown & make people think I’m not originally from here?

Are they purposely ignoring the fact that Im from here? Are they just not listening properly? It’s getting a bit irritating having people from my own hometown tell me I’m not from here just cause I was away for a bit.
Does studying in another city or state make people think you’re from there & not from your hometown?
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