Dyslexia as an adult, not sure why people have to be so mean?

I'm 31 years old woman. I have severe learning disabilities. One is dyslexia. I have dyscalculia, i have some comprehensive & retaining learing problems as well. Reading and math are both very hard for me. I got professionally tested 2ce and my reading level is equivalent to a grade 3 or 4 Level. It's very embarrassing. I have had tutors who work with people with learning disabilities. I have apps on my phone that i can speak into to help type what i want to say. I have had readers for every test i have taken. In college as well. I had 2 blocks of learning assistants in school. I had someone on this app call my learning disabilities fake. I am mental retarded... which was actually quite hurtful. Since I have been dealing with these struggles my entire life. Been teased. Told I was stupid by peers, bullied for having it, now this...

I Found this website and just had to share it, because of how super accurate it is. .. This is exactly what I see when I read words and numbers everyday of my life. Also i know how super frustrating it is, to try to explain to someone who has never experienced it. Maybe it might help someone else.
Words and Numbers jump around everywhere. this site is NOT an exaggeration. I have to try and sound out every word on the page. I lose my place when trying to find the next sentence. there is no stop button for me to turn it off...


If you really want a challenge and really want to get into my bra5in.

Go back to the website. Try to Sound out EVERY single word. read the whole page like that..

But keep in mind, with the more complicating words. think about finally sounding Out the word after struggling with it... good job right? You figured out what the word said... wrong..

The catch is you don't know what the word means... now you have to go look up the word. Then read the definition of the word in the same way...

Dyslexia as an adult, not sure why people have to be so mean?
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