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Physics in movies?

There is a lot of funny things they do in movies from one man army to world ending with all natural causes Which movie/s do you think they break laws of logic or physics?
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Ask a science question... and then answer it?

I just happened across this interesting interview with iconic physicist Richard Feynman. His exploration of what it is to ask, and answer, a question, in itself, is fascinating (and if you like physics or science,...
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Do you think that there's a such thing as "western science"?

Some have made a distinction between "western science" and "eastern science" with western science being the scientific method and eastern science being traditional Indian and Chinese beliefs about how the body functioned....
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Is a bachelors degree a waste of money?

I mean, i understand if you want to become a doctor or a lawyer or something like that you need it. But for the average person can't they just get by with just an associates degree or trade?...
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Why do people feel ashamed about going to a community college or a state school?

At least you're going to be debt for the rest of your life
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Why do you do/study science? "Why do you find it fascinating? For those who do?

To me I guess... The true fascination of science is experienced always when before your mental eye all the tiny and separated elements reveal a picture of an organized structure, when you begin to see or when you manage...
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What is the worst thing about your job?

Even if you love your job, there is something about it you hate.
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Do you think that the influence that the "profit motive" has on driving innovation is often overstated?

I've even seen so many people on the far right (especially Libertarian capitalists) claim it's the only thing that drives innovation. But what they fail to realize is that just because they're solely motivated by greed...
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Will you think this song is brainwash if take it as a company'song?

QQ's ad may be too long. It is an encourage song
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We've all had that hot teacher in class you had the hots for, but now you're older would you still?

So he or she is a little older now but still has it.. you're out of school, and probably getting on with life but just this one time you find yourself bumping into your teacher crush, lets say you're on holiday and you're...
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Will you take the time to read the entire abstract of this medical publication, and if so, are you still pro vaccine? It should be noted that when I refer to pro vs anti vaccine, I'm referring mainly to any kind of mandatory or enforced vaccinations. This includes for school, flying, concerts, being...
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Support police wearing shirts and emblems honoring their fallen?

Do you support Police wearing shirts/emblems that honor the fallen officers who've been killed or they or their families harmed? I like it... I think they should... every shirt has an officer and their story! Billboards...
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Jack in the Box: Burgers: What would you get out of this selection?

Another gem of California. Jack in the Box started in San Diego, California on February 21, 1951. They innovated a two-way intercom system, the first major chain to use an intercom and the first to focus on drive-through...
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Would you try glow in the dark beer?

Would you try glow in the dark beer? It is made with genetically engineered yeast that glow in the dark. There are no harmful side effects. I bring this up because I am interested...
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Books I recommend for learning German (classics)

Since I only really like classics, here are the books I recommend for diving into Central European and German culture. I mostly chose fairly short books because I know from experience that it’s very hard to motivate...
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What is something you've recently seen/learnt/heard that has completely blown your mind?

My friend and I decided to entertain ourselves with a bet during these days stuck at home. Whoever can learn more of the others language (we both don't speak English as a first language) and hold a longer/better...
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Is there someone that you knew in your past that you will never forget?

I will never forget my 3rd grade teacher, she was so nice and really helped children to learn and to love. I will never forget my 5th grade after school recreation teacher for so many reasons I wrote in a myTake. I...
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