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Would an employer be impressed or frown upon a silly youtuber?

If you were an employer would you be impressed or upset with a person with millions of subscribers uploading content like this?
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Army to Marines? Making a career within the military? Would you join?

I’m an Army Infantryman, but my contract is coming to end rather soon. I’ve been thinking about becoming an officer in the Marine Corps. Why Marines? Well, in short, they embody the values and culture that I do...
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Do you understand the POWER of a DECISION?

The Power of Decision "ACCURATE analysis of over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure, disclosed the fact that LACK OF DECISION was near the head of the list of the 30 major causes of FAILURE. This is no...
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Only who can prevent forest fires?
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Does your own language sound awkward too you?

The reason i'm asking is because i was watching this video of American’s reacting blindfolded to European languages and when i heard my own language Swedish it was cringe and so awkward compared to the other ones that...
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The Top Ten Most Popular YouTube Videos Associated With Middle School

Each week in the month of August, I'm going to post ten Youtube Videos associated with school, in honor of August being the "Back to School" Month. For this week, I will type in "Middle School" in the Youtube Search bar,...
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If a woman dresses "inappropriately" at the work place what would YOU do about it?

by inappropriate we'll say like a short skirt with a thong so if she ever bends over... you know what happens there i know what Jimmy Dore would do. would you do what he does?
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Is 7 into 28 equal to 13?

I have good intel to show that it is.
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If you work or study from home, do you listen to live music or your own list?

While I'm studying and working after midnight, I listen to live music on YouTube like this one:
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Do you listen to music while studying?

I have two exams tomorrow, but I'm still studying while listening to music. I think I'm addicted to it :D
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Whats the last thing that made you go, “Is this a F—n joke” or “You gotta be kiddin me”?

I've been tryna get into my work systems for 2 days now. Today the system just automatically works. It sends me a pw reset email that I’ve waited days for. I’ve lost 11 hours on my check, spent 9 hours foolin with the...
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What popular ringtones do you recall everyone having in High School?

Lol this was the shizzz #FeelFreeToList #PickupThePhone
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Anyone miss him?

RIP Michael Collins. Crew member of Appolo 11 NASA remembering Michael Collins
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What do you advise me to improve my English?

I'm not a big fan of the English language, but to speak on this site I have to improve it, because sometimes I have to stop debate with people because what I'm saying is very misunderstood and I can't express my ideas...
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How many of you read the book 1984? Do you think we are living in that world now?

Are we in an Orwellian dystopian reality now as envisioned in this novel?
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Doormen fired after video of Asian lady beating goes viral. Do you think the firing is fair?

Their boss says they weren't fired for not intervening but rather they have emergency protocols for such an event and the doormen didn't follow it.
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Ever lose your shit trying to build or fix something?

Like a piece of furniture or something? Things just aren’t going right and you just lose it. Kinda like gamer rage but for building things.
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How much do you trust science?
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