Taylor Swift songs to help you feel better

Taylor Swift songs to help you feel better

I don't really like country but Taylor Swift does it so well. Yeah, I know she's all about pop now and 1989 is cool in it's own way but I still prefer her old school style. Taylor has always been my inspiration and I feel that she speaks to me through her music. Because of her I'll never give up on my dreams.

So here are the songs about certain problems:

1. Unrequited crush: Teardrops on my guitar

Almost everyone has had this problem at some point in their lives. It's even worse to know that someone you like likes someone else. I know that awful feeling and this song helped me cope with it.

2. Relationship which is slowly falling apart: Forever and always

For when you feel your guy is distant and you can smell the break up a mile away.

3. When you need a small push to work towards your dreams: Sweeter than fiction

You know when it's one of those times in your life when you're about to do something big but you're scared of the outcome? This song is perfect for that situation.

4. When you feel lonely: The outside

There are times when I feel like I don't belong anywhere and this song feels like it was written for me.

5. When you feel nostalgic: Never grow up

Everytime I hear this song I cry like a baby. Maybe it's because I'm all grown up now and have all these responisibilties or because life was much simpler and better when I was a kid.

6. When you're trying to forget him: Red

I won't say anything, I'll just quote some lyrics:

Loving him was like driving a new maserati down a dead end street...

I think that says enough.

Alright, so I'd listed 6 amazing T Swift songs which I find extremely useful for coping with some stuff. Hope you liked this and please be gentle this is my first mytake.

Stay awesome, Swifties!


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  • A Swiftie here!! ♥♥ omg I love all these songs especially Never Grow Up ♥

  • omg i love this!! I love Taylor!! <3

    • Thanks :) me, too. I've been listening to her for like 3 years. Ever since I've heard "White horse" I fell in love with her music.

  • Nope. Her music wouldn't make me feel better lol

  • Only like blank space xD

  • But I really don't like her music...
    .-. '-'


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