5 Video Games That Need Reboots

5 Video Games that need reboots.

In a day and age when games get rebooted or re-released every day it feels like and especially unnecessary ones at that. It makes me sad that the industry seems to be ignoring the ones that need to be rebooted.

1. Crimson Skies

5 Video Games That Need Reboots

This game kicked complete and utter ass. If you have not heard of it. The story is something out of the pulps of old. Basically, the entire country split into different nations and now the primary mode of travel is Aircraft. The heroes are the Heroic Sky Pirates (Yes, sky pirates) Called the Fortune Hunters you play as Nathan Zachary, The Head of the Fortune Hunters.

A wise cracking, gun toting, womanizing outlaw. His crew raids zepplins and flies around fighting fascists and their mechas eventually destroying a weather control machine that the head of a fascist society wants to use to conquer the world. Did I mention this game kicks ass. Oh, it was also semi-open world. Sadly the last one was on the original xbox. Honestly this game NEEDS a reboot.

2. Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

5 Video Games That Need Reboots

Another game from the Days of the Original Xbox.

This is a high fantasy action-adventure game that is VERY LOOSELY based on egyptian mythology. The two playable characters are the cursed mummy whose levels are based around puzzle solving and Spinx the Heroic Demi god who wields a magic sword and is destined to save the world. Basically, the pharaoh was cursed by an evil thing to become a mummy and he and Spinx need to save the world and find a way to turn him back. Its an extremely fun game and sadly one that never got a sequel.

3. Prince of Persia

5 Video Games That Need RebootsBefore there was Assassins Creed with its badly done science fiction getting in the way of awesome stuff. We had Prince of Persia. This is where the parkour came from. It is also an Ubisoft property however instead of really badly done Science Fiction, it was a delightful fantasy world. Honestly for all I care they could just shelve assassins creed and make an awesome Prince of Persia game.

4. Dino Crisis

5 Video Games That Need Reboots

This is Capcom's other survival horror game series. The forgotten one. This game actually isn't very different from resident evil just replace zombies with dinosaurs and you get the idea of what kind of game this is. So the Question is why they haven't made one in thirteen years. Now to non-gamers, in the video game world. That's like a hundred years in non video game related matters. I mean zombies are EXTREMELY overrated. Dinosaurs are on of those things like cowboys or pirates or ninjas in that they make everything infinitely more awesome when they get added to something. I'd rather see a dinosaur survival horror game than another stupid zombie one.

5. Alpha Protocol

5 Video Games That Need Reboots

This was a game made by Obsidian who have made some of the best games of all time. It was however published by Sega who own the rights.

This game is about Michael Thorton a burned spy who is in the middle of a conspiracy. Its well written, the amount of impact you have on the game is astounding and the gameplay is like a mix of Splinter Cell and Mass Effect.

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  • Auto Assult & Jedi academy with co-op campaign


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  • Agree with Crimson Skies and Prince of Persia


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  • Hell yes to Prince of Persia, provided they maintain a focus on puzzles and platforming. I'd love it if Capcom revisited Dino Crisis at some point, too.

    But Alpha Protocol was just... God-awful. :P


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