3 Great PC Games for FPS Gamers


A little while ago, I got bored of playing role-playing games, or sports games, so I decided to look into First Person Shooter (FPS) games to try out. I've done a little bit of research, and decided to share some of MY favorite FPS games.

#1: Valorant

Valorant is a competitive FPS shooter game, with two teams consisting of 5 players. One team attacks a certain area on the map, while the other must defend that same point. The goal for the attacking side (nicknamed Attackers,) is to plant a "Spike", which after 45 seconds will detonate. The goal of the defending side (nicknamed Defenders,) is to prevent the deployment of the "Spike" or defuse it once planted. Each team consists of five different players representing five different "agents," who are a character in the game with abilities unique to each agent. For example, one agent can heal teammates, while another can throw a fireball which does damage when an enemy walks over it.

Valorant's release in June of 2020 was very awaited, as the previews and pre-release footage built up a strong and large community. The game is similar to others such as CS:GO and Overwatch and is often called a "mix" of the two.

3 Great PC Games for FPS Gamers

Image Credit: wired.com

Developer: RIOT Games

Why you should play it:

The abilities in Valorant make the game unique from other FPS’s. The developers of the game often listen to community feedback and usually make changes based on suggestions from the community. The community in general is very friendly, and the game support is incredible. The game requires skill and game knowledge to achieve mastery.

#2: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, nicknamed CSGO, is a terrorist vs counter-terrorist type game, where one team (terrorist,) commits an act of terrorism such as bomb planting or hostage capturing, while the other team (counter-terrorists,) try to stop the perpetrators or eliminate them. CSGO was released in August of 2012 but is still one of the most popular FPS games to have ever been released. CSGO requires a competitive mindset, skill, and a good understanding of teamwork. You must stay focused during the game. The game is very easy to understand and get into, but it is not easy to get good at.

There are many different maps in CS:GO, but the aim of the game is pretty straightforward. In March of 2021, the game reached a peak of over a MILLION concurrent players. (Source )

3 Great PC Games for FPS Gamers

Image Credit: Forbes

Developer: Valve Corporation

Why you should play it:

CS:GO offers a very skill-based competitive scene. To get good at the game, you must have map knowledge and skill. As in Valorant, after you die, you do not respawn. Everything you do per round matters as it is your only chance. The game is easy to understand and the community is very active. The game builds teamwork and strategic thinking. The game is very popular and does not look like it will die out for a while.

#3: Rainbow Six Siege (R6S)

Rainbow Six Siege, dubbed R6S, is a very popular 5v5 based team shooter. With many different operators (similar to Valorants’ agents) and an active competitive scene, the game may be a good choice for your next download. Different operators (characters you can select to play as within the game) have different weapons and gadgets. You can break through walls, place machine gun turrets, build a barrier walls, throw poison smoke, and much much more. The game was released in 2015 on console, and 2020 on PC.

The game requires teamwork and strong skill-based gameplay, knowledge of operators and maps, and strategic thinking. There are many different modes such as hostage rescue, bomb defuse, and point-taking. To become good at the game, you must have a tactical mindset and good skill within the game.

3 Great PC Games for FPS Gamers

Image Credit: PushSquare

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Why you should play it:

R6S offers a very tactical and tuned game to experience. The competitive scene is simple, yet difficult to master. The game is easy to understand but still requires teamwork. The developers of the game continue to expand maps and operator abilities. The game is unique and is very enjoyable once you get into it.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion, and do not stand for everyone.

This is my first myTake and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it.

3 Great PC Games for FPS Gamers
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