Why Samsung Smartphones and Tablets Will Always be Better Than Apple's iPhones and iPads

Samsung products just LOOK better overall:

You get a greater variety of colours and sizes too, unlike with Apple. And even if Apple does it, it takes them years to even put them on the market.

After comparing the S6 to an iPhone, I've realised how much clearer the screen of the s6 is than the iPhone. Also, the quality of sound coming from the speakers is much better. Samsung also has a much better camera.

There is NO adobe Flash player for IPhones!

ICloud does not allow you to delete certain items such as iBooks which you have already purchased, and it is much more easier to transfer files using Samsung products than apple ones, without the use of iTunes.

In addition, Samsung products just feel better to hold, and look much more professional than any other brand, and have way more features than the other brands.

You can argue that Samsung products have poorer battery life than Apple's, but then whats the point of a charger? Also, you can say they have fewer apps available due to being android, but they all eventually become available anyway.

I just hate the way Apple want everything of theirs to be independent from other brands. With Samsung android devices you get much more freedom to do what you want with your device, it's much more flexible.

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  • Well, firstly, never use the word "always" in the world of tech and electronics. ;) When I was in high school, if someone came in after Christmas break and announced he got a computer, and his friends asked what he got, and he said "a Mac," everyone would laugh. NOBODY wanted a Mac in the '90s, which is why PCs held 90%+ of the market at the time.

    And here we are, 20 years later, and wow... talk about a reversal. :P

    Anyway, I do like Samsung smartphones more than Apple's iPhones. I did a lot of research this year for a phone (as much as I really hate all this stuff, I needed one for work), and the S7 just came out on top when compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. Many reviews I've seen comparing the two came to the same conclusion. Even my brother, who loves Apple, admits that right now, the iPhone is a little behind in terms of tech.

    But Apple is announcing the new iPhone in just a few weeks and even though it may not be a big step up, next year we might see something pretty special. As for tablets and laptops, however, for me nothing beats Apple just because iPads and iMacs simply work. They never break, are easy to use, and that's all I want. :)


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