Survivor Didn't Just Do“Eye Of The Tiger”: 15 OTHER Survivor Songs I Like

Survivor Didn't Just Do“Eye Of The Tiger”: 15 OTHER Survivor Songs I Like

With singer Dave Bickler (1979-1983)

Survivor Didn't Just Do“Eye Of The Tiger”: 15 OTHER Survivor Songs I Like

With singer Jimi Jamison (1984-1988)

For most people –especially young generation- Survivor are unfortunately remembered, only for their song Eye Of The Tiger. Everyone knows it, both young and old people. But Survivor had more songs than this, and they are one of the best Rock bands in music history.

(Songs in alphabetical order)

1) American Heartbeat From The Album Eye Of The Tiger (1982)

This was the second biggest hit from the Eye Of The Tiger album, which reached the US Top 20. Personally I like it more than the title track, and it’s closer to the AOR genre in general.

2) Broken Promises From The Album Vital Signs (1984)

With the album Vital Signs, Survivor got back to their feet, by reaching double Platinum status. Not much successful as Eye Of The Tiger, still it was a big success. Anyway Broken Promises was never released as a single, but it was an excellent and catchy AOR number, that could easily be a hit, like any song from the album. No fillers.

3) Burning Heart From The OST Rocky IV (1985)

This was definitely Survivor’s second biggest hit. Although not as successful as Eye Of The Tiger, it was a huge success by the time reaching #2 in the US and #5 in the UK. It was included in the OST of the movie Rocky IV, and it was the most successful song from it.

4) Chevy Nights From The Album Premonition (1981)

With their second album Premonition, Survivor started to build their momentum. More successful than the debut, and also the sound was more defined. I like it more than the Eye Of The Tiger album, personally. Chevy Nights was the opening track from this album, featuring an awesome bassline for intro.

5) Half Life From The Album Caught In The Game (1983)

This perhaps is going to be my favorite song from Survivor in general. It’s very similar with American Heartbeat, featuring a great synth intro, but the song in general, is more Hardrockish than the former. It keeps the perfect balance between Electric Guitars and Synths, and that’s what I like in a song.

6) I’m Not That Man Anymore From The Album Eye Of The Tiger (1982)

Although it wasn’t released as a single, I believe this the best cut from the album Eye Of The Tiger. One of the greatest Power Ballads in the AOR genre.

7) I Can’t Hold Back From The Album Vital Signs (1984)

This was one of the most successful songs of the Jami Jamison-led era. A US Top 20 hit, and a #1 hit on the US Mainstream Rock Charts. Accompanied with a nice music-video, featuring one of the hottest girls of that era!

8. Jackie Don’t Go From The Album Caught In The Game (1983)

In their fourth album Caught In The Game, Survivor lost the momentum they built with the tremendous success of their previous album Eye Of The Tiger, thanks to the title track. Personally I believe it’s their best album since they found the perfect balance between Electric Guitars and Synths, as I said above. It’s pretty similar with Journey’s album Frontiers, and Jackie Don’t Go could easily be another Separate Ways. But why it didn't, it's a mystery to me.

9) Man Against The World From The Album When The Seconds Count (1986)

Not a big hit, but it was one of their most emotional songs, that could bring you to tears. Accompanied with a beautiful music video as well.

10) Poor Man’s Son From The Album Premonition (1981)

This was their first US Top 40 hit, peaking at #32. A really great and catchy song, that could easily be another Eye Of The Tiger. But it lacked promotion, and it wasn’t part of some famous movie, like Eye Of The Tiger was in Rocky III.

11) Popular Girl From The Album Vital Signs (1984)

My favorite non-single from Vital Signs. A really catch­­­y song that could easily be a huge hit, as much as I Can’t Hold Back I mentioned above.

12) Rhythm Of The City From The Album Too Hot To Sleep (1988)

In this album, Survivor followed a more Hard-Rockish sound, straying away by some degree from the more Melodic AOR sound from their previous records, yet not much. This albums resembles more the album First Strike from Cobra (Jimi Jamison’s band before joining Survivor). Anyway, Rhythm Of The City wasn’t released as a single, but it’s a nice upbeat Hard Rock number featuring Survivor’s guitar work at its best.

13) Santa Ana Winds From The Album Caught In The Game (1983)

An excellent closing track they chose for the magnificent album Caught In The Game. A great long length Melodic Power Ballad, featuring the best guitar riffs in this album. They should release a shorter version as a single, in my opinion. Maybe it would help bringing this album at higher spots in the Billboard Album Charts.

14) Somewhere In America From The Album Survivor (1980)

This was the first Survivor song that made it into the US Top 100, still only at #70. Anyway, their debut album was my least favorite because their sound wasn’t so much matured yet. It wasn’t bad, but not as great as the rest. But we can’t deny the fact, it was the album that started the Survivor chapter in the music history.

15) The Moment Of Truth From The OST The Karate Kid (1984)

This completes the trio of Survivor’s motivational songs (Eye Of The Tiger and Burning Heart). All of them being part in popular movies from that era. But unfortunately, despite the success of The Karate Kid, this song was only a minor hit and nothing more.


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  • Thumbs up for Jackie Don't Go. Seriously, even I thought it was another separate Ways

    • Yes, they are very similar sound-wise.

  • They look like Village People or some other band usually liked by gay people, that's silly.

    • Survivor a gay band? Are you serious?

      Sure there are gay people who like Survivor, but they are not what we would call "gay icons" like Village People, Soft Cell or Erasure.

    • Okay chap, if you say so

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