3 Powers I Would LOVE To Have

1. Liquid Assumption

This isn't a power I've heard anyone bring up before so I think it's safe to say it's almost original to me. I did get inspiration for it from the power to 'bend' water, like in Avatar. The one with the blue arrow, not the one with the blue tail.

So, the name is a bit obscure, I couldn't think of anything else and either way, there is no way this could be the actual name. It's a stupid name and does not make sense.

Anyway, so what this power would entail would be that you can pull liquids out of thin air. How this works is that, there is always, always moisture in the air (unless you're in a desert) and the liquid you are pulling out of the air would be the humidity. So if you want to fill your glass with water, you can do so just be concentrating.

You can also, of course, bend water the way water benders so in avatar. It just makes sense that if you can bring water together out of thin air that you can also suspend it and make shapes and throw it.

... but that's not what I will be using this for.

I am passive aggressive as heck, what I will be using this for? the area you want to fill with liquid does not have to be open to the air. Some douche annoying you? Fill their bladder.

Make them have to pee so bad that they fuck off and leave you alone.

THAT is why I want this power. XD

There are limitations to this, like if you are using this to make somebody need to pee you NEED to be REALLY careful because you could kill someone doing this. Think about it, where are you gettign the liquid to fill their bladder? From the surrounding tissue. You can dehydrate somebody to the point of death by doing this, so... gotta be careful.

Then again, if you're a murderer, there is no way this could be traced back to you because I mean, this is real life. Super powers don't exist, do they? Well, at least you hope the police think that XD

(wow that was a long one)

3 Powers I Would LOVE To Have

2. Invulnerability

Wait, invulnerability? What about invincibility?

Being invincible is to be unable to be defeated. You cannot overcome a person who is invincible. Someone who is invulnerable cannot be harmed.

Yes, I want the power that means I cannot be hurt physically. This does not apply to mental pain. Mental pain is a different thing.

The advantages to this power are pretty obvious. If you trip, you aren't going to scrape your knee, no matter how hard you fall. Nobody will ask you about the black eye your abusive bedroom door gave you when you walked into it, because it doesn't exist. You can wear as many wristbands on your wrist as you want without it giving you a rash and you can eat until you explode except you won't because you cannot be harmed.

No, I don't know where the food is going, I guess you really do have a bottomless pit for a stomach, and on that note, you don't get hungry as you do not need to eat. Eating is a pleasure, but not necessary.

You cannot be harmed by intervention.

This does cause the issue that if you do get cancer (which would only happen if you are genetically predispositioned to, nothing will cause it) doctors will be unable to treat you, as treating you involves medicine, medicines are drugs, drugs have no effect on you, and so on.

You cannot be treated.

As with everything there is a weakness, you will always have ONE thing that can hurt and kill you (other than diseases you were going to get anyway). That's what makes this different to immortality, invulnerability does allow you to be killed.

One example of this kryptonite was a book I read, called The Well of Tears, part of a series called The Crowthistle Chronicles. One of the characters, Jewel? I think her name was, she was invulnerable and her kryptonite was, predictably, the plant crowthistle.

So it could be anything, it changes depending on the person.

3 Powers I Would LOVE To Have

3. Shapeshifting

Yes. Shapeshifting.

No, I don't mean I want to be a werewolf, or anything like that, I want to be a shapeshifter.

It has NOTHING to do with a full moon. You can shift by choice. It will always be painful, and you should probably take your clothes off first because if you don't... they're gonna get wrecked. Unless you shift into something small like a mouse. Maybe a cat.

I haven't quite worked out the full details on this power, there are SO many variables.

So, I'm torn between what animal you shift into being, any of your choice, which is the least sensible option, or a predetermined creature. Whether it's decided by what species your family shifts into or if it's a different animal for different people. Your dad might be a tiger and your mum might be an ostrich while you are a lemur. I don't know.

Also, the ostrich is not a thing that happens, as mammals, it makes no sense that we would be able to shift into birds or reptiles or fish. Yes, you can be creatures that fly and/or swim. Bats are mammals and so are seals. Whales and dolphins, believe it or not, are ALSO mammals.

Yes. This also means that even if they existed, you could NOT BE A DRAGON. Sucks.

There are a lot more details, but that is the gist of it.

3 Powers I Would LOVE To Have

There is only three because, I don't much like the idea of having shortcuts in life. Yes, it would be great, but no. It really, really wouldn't.

What powers would YOU like to have?

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  • I'd rather be invincible since I thrive on pain in fights plus I'd rather have the ability to control air and wind, then water. Shape shifting would also be really cool.


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