5 Superpowers I Wish I Had

1. Mind reading

You can know what a person's true intentions are. You can see their real selves.

The Superpowers I Wish I Had

2. Invisibility

Maybe this can stop people from looking at me.

3. Bend All Four Elements

If I could bend air, water, earth and fire, then I would be the Avatar.

4. Invincibility

This is probably a superpower I made up but this will prevent me from getting hurt and destroyed.

5. Teleportation

I won't need to walk or use transportation. #Laziness

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  • 4 and 5 is all you really need.

    Although I like the idea of teleportation but Apporting altogether with it would be even Better, because then not only would I be able to teleport, but I can teleport other matter away from me or send them to me instantly. Imagine if you forgot to bring something important. Apporting instantly solves that problem. Whatever I need I just instantaneously teleport it to myself, or whatever I don't need I can warp it somewhere else and store it elsewhere, or send it home instantaneously without having to wait and ship it all the way back.

    Invincibility or being Indestructible will have it's limits more often than not. Even Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite despite he's pretty much immune and not affected by anything else used against him.

    I also like mind reading and it would be really useful to avoid lies and disloyalty, but I would also prefer super intelligence and super agility, and the ability to adapt and learn pretty much anything really quickly including other abilities or superpowers.

    There's also Reality Warping. which is another powerful ability. Pretty much unstoppable.

    And then there's also Intagibility or Phasing and Intagibility Fusion. E. G. Kitty Pryde is the most well known character to be able to do this. Visions from the Avengers movie also had this ability.

    Technically with this ability you would be "mostly" invincible and immune to all things physical or otherwise would have caused physical harm or otherwise would kill you. As everything would just simply pass right through you such as blades, bullets, explosions and they won't even leave a tiny scratch on you.

    Intangibility Infusion allows you to hold onto matter and transport them through solid material in the same way.

    But those are pretty much the best abilities on the top of my head. Having most, if not all of them and you pretty much are done, just create your own little reality and your own little peace and quiet, and no one and nothing will ever be able to disturb or hurt you, as everything becomes comfortable and easy. That is unless somehow there are other beings that would be more powerful and smarter than you that possess even more superpowers and are somehow immune to your superpowers and want to cause trouble for you.


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  • That's, like, 8 😑

    1- Do overs... Technically time travel, but I can only go backwards to my life and do things again
    2- teleportation
    3- flight
    4- mind reading
    5- bending powers, but since that's technically 4, I'll opt out for wolverine claws

  • I half want 1 and all the rest.