5 Awesome Vampire Movies

No, this list does not include Twilight. You're welcome.

1. The Thirst

I really enjoyed this film because for once, the vampires weren't these ridiculously beautiful sterilized creatures. They were raw and gritty, and blood was blood, and violence was violence, and it wasn't pretty. Someone biting into another person's neck, wrist, or other body part, should not come with soft lighting and swells of beautiful music all the time. The vampires depicted here are more your average human with a very disturbing secret which makes the more supernatural scenes all the more shocking and gritty when they happen.

2. Bram Stoker's Dracula

I will forgive Keanu Reeves being in this movie, and Winona Ryders terrible accent for the likes of Gary Oldman playing one of the best Dracula's of all time. He carries this film be it a young brutal warrior or an intense older blood lust of a count, or a wolf like creature in the night, he is magnificent. Add to that the incredible costuming, make-up, and visuals throughout the film.

3. Night Watch

This film about a battle between the Light and the Dark, involves several mystical creatures including vampires. The special effects are insane, and reminds me a lot of the Blade series in this depiction of this underground world beneath the world we all know, but that is right in front of us.

4. Kiss of the Damned

This film pays homage to the Vampire films of the 70s. Blood, Sex, Music. I liked the intellectual conversation mid film with the vampires talking about their role in the world kind of like True Bloods take on Politics. This is a film which creates a world where even as vampires, the characters try to abide by a moral code that doesn't really serve them all that well. Bloody, violent, sexy, and intense.

5. Daybreakers

Finally a movie that tackles the logistics of what it would be like if the vampire population were to really come into it's own in a world where that would be very much at odds with the goals or humanity to thrive and survive. Vampires have the upper hand here, and begin doing the only logical and less messy thing they can to acquire human blood, and that's farming human beings. However, that has it's limits--mainly the dwindling supply.

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  • Nice Take, stoker's Dracula is funny where he takes his hat off lol

    What is the thirst about?

    • The Thirst is about Sang-hyun, a respected priest, who volunteers for an experimental procedure that may lead to a cure for a deadly virus. He gets infected and dies, but a blood transfusion of unknown origin brings him back to life as a vampire. He must then choose between faith and bloodlust, and a newfound desire for the wife of his childhood friend, who is both victim and victimizes those before and after her transformation.

    • oh I thought it was based on Christopher Pike's novel

  • Except for the Dracul (which is a bit too romanticized for my taste - especially if you've read the book), they're not good depictions of Vampires - at least that's my opinion.
    I appreciate this is your take - so it's your taste, though.

    * I have not seen the first one - I'll see what it's about. =)

    • LOL, they're not good depictions of Vampires? You mean fictional creatures and characters... who can literally be anything an artist or writer desires them to be. It's one thing to say the writing was bad, the actors were bad, the plot made no sense or something along those terms, but there is no one good depiction of things like ghosts, or zombies, or vampires because they are fictional characters to begin with.

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    • You feel Dracula was overly romanticized, but yet you've listed Interview with a Vampire, seen as the quintessentially overly romanticized vampire film, as one of your favs! We can argue book vs. film all day, but this is a topic of the film variety. The rest are your standard Nosferatu classics aside from Dusk till Dawn.

      I think when people dive into these film and debating them, it's important to note with all monster films, that the monsters, though they may all be of the same type, are reflections of the society of the day. Even in literature, the monsters reflected the real life issues that were going on in the world, except in Monster form. Easier to fight and talk about "the monster," than the real issue or person behind the image. In that way, these creatures aren't stagnant, and with each generation you will see a new version, which is why we have Twilight, 30 days, Night Junkies, and the like.

    • *Yeah, it's romanticized, but not in an overly exaggerated pathos way... it's much more reliastic.
      Yeah, 30 days of night is a good one - a bit 'futuristic' for my liking, but yeah.
      Changing throughout the ages - yeah, that's a good way of looking at it. Maybe I'm just more into the classical portrayals.
      ... not everyone will agree with your taste or my taste, and that's okay.

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