That's right! I own pieces of IKEA furniture.

I'm an adult that has really nice pieces a staple furniture that opts to IKEA on other items that may be temporary depending on where I live or work next.

You always need a good beed and sofa. I like ce my dresser and a closet it fit into as well as other items.

But unless I know I'm living in a house for 19 years I'm not dropping $5,000 on a dining table not including chairs. I live in dense cities.

That's right!  I own pieces of IKEA furniture.

That's right! I own pieces of IKEA furniture.

These aren't actual items in my house but items I've been similarly criticized on by people with loads of money yet holding an ugly ass dining set from 1990 in their dining room.

Hate picture A as I now own a condo with a marble island but I've lived in really nice apartments where this was a way cool invention less than 3 years ago. Prep area and add two more seats when done for table. Nothing trashy about it.

The thing is, my whole upbringing furniture and items were really expensive and placed almost above me. I still have the full length mirror, 9ft wide and gold crested,

that my parents gave me at 14 when I got a private floor and bathroom. It can go anywhere but I would never buy for myself.

I have nice furniture that will last and then filler from, YES, IKEA!

whats wrong with that? It looks nice sometimes and usually just holds nice things.

Even with the best movers my mirror and bed have been damaged. Tiny scrapes by people who don't know value. I'm told by my insurance I have to hire fine art dealers and movers and can't sue regular movers.

The insurance has art appraisers come out to adjust the damage andnifni followed contract when having the mirror moved.

So, yeah. IKEA!

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  • I never really realized some people consider Ikea for recent college grads, that's a weird thing to think


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  • It's funny... on American tv and media IKEA is portrayed as this budget, college student frat house kind of store so we kind of assumed it was crap but I remember when IKEA opened in Sydney and people lost their shit. People flocked.
    I really like a lot of their stuff... the bigger comfort things I've always gone for quality, like the couch, beds, dining set but a lot of my extra bits like bedside tables, end tables, storage and decorations have come from IKEA. I like the look of it, in my last house I had minimal space so some of the furniture had to be so specific (thank god for the nordli bedside tables!!) that it didn't make sense to spend so much money in things I don't particularly value or need quality for.

    Even now, I live two hours from the nearest store and people seriously take a day to go visit 😂 I always give them a list to grab me a few bits and pieces

    • Exactly for storage and niche items they are good and some isncrap but some is quality. If you live in NYC you can avoid deliver costs and carry home in a box

    • I've come across some crappy bits... but as they aren't my staples it hasn't been an option. It's occurred to me I spend the most money on where to park my butt re-reading that 😂
      But still, IKEA has some great stuff. Some friends of ours bought a total wreck of a house really cheap and had to gut it. They put in an IKEA kitchen themselves and I have to say; it looks AMAZING. It's been 4 years and it still looks brand new, I thought it would have absorbed water and been mulch by now but pleasantly surprised 😊

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  • I wasn't aware there was anything wrong with owning IKEA furniture. I own some stuff from IKEA too and its lasted me a long time for a very cheap price. Smart shopping if you ask me.

  • While I do consider IKEA furniture to be the stuff that recent college graduates buy, I furnished my daughters' rooms with IKEA furniture, namely the Hemnes dressers and nightstands. My home office is also all IKEA furniture. Those items aren't that particle board stuff but instead are actually solid pine, which doesn't seem so bad to me. The weekend that I put it all together, my sisters and brothers-in-law were there assembling everything. My mother was not impressed. She argued that given all the time we spent assembling everything, the value was really poor. I'm not sure if she's right or not, but she insisted that she buy my bed from Restoration Hardware. When it was delivered, it was assembled using something like five bolts. My mother was smug about it.

  • I too have some IKEA furniture: a table, chairs, 3 comfortable armchairs and more.


What Girls Said 1

  • I have never been in an IKEA store & have no plans on going.


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