I Bought A Bidet & You Should Too

Our Choice: The Luxe Neo 185 Bidet
Our Choice: The Luxe Neo 185 Bidet

My wife and I had been thinking about getting a bidet for a while, and actually ordered ours a month before the toilet paper hoarding started (talk about good timing). We chose the Luxe Neo 185. It has two nosels, is self cleaning, has posterior and feminine was modes, and is cold water only. Before you get too worried about ice cold water spraying on your nether-regions, let me reassure you that it isn't bad at all. More on that later...

Installing it

I'm pretty handy, but trust me, you won't need to be to install a bidet attachment. You just remove your toilet seat, and use the toilet seat's bolts to sandwich it between the toilet seat and the bowl of the toilet. It has adjustable washers so no mater what the spacing of the holes in your toilet bowl are, it will line up. Try to keep it as far back (towards the tank) as possible.

Once its bolted on, turn off the water below your toilet. There should be a valve under the toilet, if not, you may have to turn off the whole houses water, but this is uncommon. Flush the toilet with the water off to drain the tank. The Luxe Bidet came with a wrench you can use to loosen the water line going into the bottom of the tank, but mine had a plastic thumb ring on it already so I didn't need to use that. Then you put the "T" fitting that comes with the bidet on the toilet tank, and re-attach the water line to the "T" you just installed. Then its just a matter of hooking up the flexible pipe between this "T" and the controls for the bidet. On the Luxe bidet, this hose came with a plastic thumb ring as well, so no tools required at all. Turn the water back on, check for leaks, and you're done.

You dont need to be a plumber to install this bidet
You don't need to be a plumber to install this bidet

First Impressions:

I decided to try it out on a dry run first- without using the toilet first. I braced myself, not knowing what to expect. How powerful of a stream is it? How good of aim will it have? How cold will it be? The stream was powerful, but it is aerated, so its not going to get in anywhere its not supposed to. It was not a shock to the system in any way. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't too cold. It uses such little water, that the water it uses has already been in the pipes in your walls and bathroom, sitting at room temperature - not the cold water that comes out of your tap after you've been running it for a while. The aim was pretty much spot on, although you may have to adjust a bit to get it right.

I dried off with a bit of toilet paper, and I cannot fully explain in words how much fresher I felt down there. I've read reviews online about how bidets change the reviewers life and never put that much credibility to those claims. I was wrong.

I was still a bit skeptical about using after... well... um... dedicating... but after using the bidet and drying off with toilet paper and having the toilet paper come up completely clear nearly every time, I'm a believer.

I Bought A Bidet & You Should Too

Feminine Sprayer:

As I mentioned, this bidet has two modes- posterior clean and feminine clean. My wife reports that the feminine clean function works well when menstruating. She also uses it before and after sex to clean up. The feminine sprayer is aimed more forward, obviously, and is also not as intense as the posterior sprayer.

Other Observations:

I will use the bidet after showering to rinse off any residual soap. This helps prevent dryness from soap residue.

You can eliminate toilet paper altogether if you want, using re-usable rags. My wife and I haven't made that leap yet, but we've considered it. Put a small basket to collect used rags to launder and re-use next to the toilet. This is truly a greener situation, and you won't have to worry about the next panic-hoarding incident completely clearing out costco of all of the toilet paper.

We thought about getting a bidet with hot water attachments as well, but ultimately decided against it for a few reasons. There is more plumbing involved that we didn't want to get into. Also, just as it takes a little time for hot water to reach your shower or sink taps, it would take just as long, if not longer to reach the bidet, so you wouldn't see much benefit from it. Their are suggestions to run the sink a while first, and that would cut down on the time it takes for warm water to reach your bum, but there will still be room temperature water that hits you first.

Even though you'll use a lot less toilet paper, don't get the cheap stuff, as the water from the bidet will break down thin cheap toilet paper faster than your normal non-bidet wiping.

I Bought A Bidet & You Should Too

Overall Impression:

I will never go back, and I'm already planning on installing bidets in the other bathrooms in my house. I can't recommend bidets enough. You won't regret installing one on your own toilet at home. Seriously, order one today.

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I Bought A Bidet & You Should Too
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