Top 5 Artists Whose Solo Material Is Better than Their Band's

Inspired by "That Metal Show", I decided to make a list of Top 5 artists who went solo and produced better music than their bands.

Feel free to comment on my list, and post your own list in the comments section.

5. Ted Nugent

I had to include Ted Nugent, because he might shoot me if I didn't. Okay, the guy has a real narcissism problem, but you can't be mad at him for it, because he actually walks the talk. Whether you agree with his political views or like his personality, you have to admit, the guy is the definition of pure kick-ass rock n' roll. Even when he was part of the 60s sounding Amboy Dukes, you could tell he had a love for heavy sound and crazy on-stage antics. His time with the Damn Yankees was also memorable, but his heavy, fast paced in your face rock n' roll of his solo career, comes out on top. You can't really beat "Cat Scratch Fever".

4. Eric Clapton

Without a doubt one of the greatest musicians in history, Eric Clapton has played in iconic bands from The Yardbirds to Cream, but in the end his solo career trumps anything produced by his former bands. With his deep heavy voice, heavy guitar riffs and incredible live performances, Eric Clapton is a true rock god. And with songs featuring both heavy, fast paced guitar riffs and relaxing piano music, as well as styles ranging from pure hard rock to prom night blues, and acoustic songs, and influences ranging from Bob Marley to George Harrison, Eric's catalog is truly unique and diverse. He's also one of the most successful solo artists in rock, producing dozens of iconic and chart topping hits.

3. Neil Young

Although Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young produced some iconic hits, they simply do not compare to Neil's solo stuff. Yes, Neil's musical style and subject matter are a little "different" and at times a little depressing, but it's really, REALLY good. Covering everything from the Kent State massacre to slavery, to being a drunken old man, Neil's music really connects with the average listener. Everyone can relate to at least one Neil Young song. And for the hard rock lovers, he does have a few tunes on the heavier side, which only further illustrates how he appeals to a wide audience.

2. Till Lindemann

Sorry Rammstein fans, but Till is making my list. Okay, maybe not entirely a "solo" artist, as he co-produced the album Skills In Pills with Swedish rocker Peter Tägtgren, but they did name the two-peace band Lindemann. And Till does sing on the album, and wrote the lyrics to all the songs. Regardless of whether you consider Skills In Pills a solo album, you have to admit, it's better than Rammstein. The duo stuck to the industrial riffs, lack of guitar solos, and sexual lyrics associated with Rammstein, but the album in general is slightly more melodic than Rammstein, even featuring a few kick-ass ballads. It's just easier to listen to, and is a great party album. Not to mention that the entire album is in English, so you can actually understand Till's dirty lyrics. And the band's video for Fish On is, simply awesome.

1. Ozzy Osborne

I know this is gonna cause controversy among the die hard Black Sabbath fans, but Ozzy takes the cake for me. Okay, maybe Sabbath songs are "better" and rock harder, but there are maybe only 5 that I actually like. In the case of Ozzy, I like almost every single hit he's produced. In general, I like more Ozzy songs than I do Black Sabbath songs, which is why Ozzy is number one on MY list. Of course, you are free to disagree with me.


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  • great list, and ozzy is awesome alone. he did great when he was in sabbath but he was way better and more in his element when he went solo.

    • I agree. And he performs Sabbath hits at his shows so I think it's better to just go to an Ozzy show

  • how the fuck did you leave beyonce off of this list?

    • Beyoncé's not rock or metal. Sorry, I'm not familiar with anything outside of rock and metal.

    • Destiny Child is better than music did alone. She is a great singer and I'm not trying to take from her amazing talent but the music she made isn't better than what they made as a group.

  • Awful music


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