5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)


5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)

On my last mytake I explained very well that whenever I go to strip clubs I go to drain out all my stress and have a good time, I obviously do not hit these places to look for love and relationships. Just like everyone else I sure do not want to date a person who sexually exploits herself as living; but I still appreciate their services whenever I desire. Nevertheless I still see a lot of people condoning this misconception.

Hell I'm not gonna say any names but I remember around the same time I wrote my last mytake another user here wrote a mytake of his expressing his dislikes towards strip clubs, basically trying to oppose me. I'm being honest when I say I had a good laugh at that mytake that person wrote because not only did he sounded like a newbie, but he also sounded like he actually went to the strip club hoping that he was gonna find the love of his life or a nice little princess to cuddle up with while there.

Anyways I write this again to remind you all that again this is not the reason why you go to strip cubs, just like you wouldn't go to the casino expecting to hit the jackpot first thing and hoping to quit your day job. On the other hand there are dozens of ways strippers can be better than an actual girlfriend and this was this mytake will be focusing on.

1- Strippers will always be hotter and more fun than your average girlfriend

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)

this is pretty obvious. Its their job so they must stay hot and open if they want to get pay.

2- Strippers are always available to you.

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)

maybe not the same stripper as always but I doubt any guy who frequents the strip club wants to see or get lap dances from the same woman every single time he visits these places. Though this is always an option. anyways sometimes you don't even have to visit these places to see them, you can even hire one to strip in your house for you.

3- Strippers are the true advocate of “My body my choice”

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)

a lot of women like to throw this agenda around nowadays but nevertheless strippers always mean this when they say it. Most women who say such a thing are usually hypocrites that claim they got too much “self-respect or self-worth” to sexually objectify themselves. Ironically most these women do throw away their :self-respect or self-worth” whenever they come to realize that sexually objectifying themselves on the down low will get them rewarded with free dates and attention.

Strippers in the other hand know they have the body to do their job so they have enough confidence to be straightforward about it. So in the end its their body, their choice but MY MONEY. And with them I always get what I pay for.

4- Strippers will never find you repulsing

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)

to put it simple strippers never care...

- if you are above 6 feet tall
- if you look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt
- what you do for a living
- if you're experience in dating
- what your preferences are

- if you have good personality

just as long as you give her the amount she ask for she will not mind showing you a little bit of brief intimacy. Unlike non-strippers who expect all of the above along with many other things cost more than triple the amount the strippers usually charge.

5- Strippers will always respect your boundaries

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)

last but not least this is the most important one from my point of view. I love how strippers always give me the intimate services I ask for without any types of attachment. After I tip or get a lap I will always be a few dollars short but at least I will be free to go back to my life without worrying about the stripper trying to find their way into my life afterwards. And she will never get jealous if I get lap dances or tip other strippers I find attractive.

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Stop Visiting The Strip Clubs P2 (Strippers VS Girlfriend)
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  • OatsnWhey
    If you want to spend 100s of dollars on girls to give you sexual attention for minutes at a time, then be my guest. I rather save that money and put it towards investments to make more money, or take a vacation, or literally anything else... but that’s just me. I have a girl at home who will give me a lap dance everyday for free. I personally think it’s sort of pathetic to have to pay for sexual attention.
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    • CasaNorba

      I already done all of the above and to be honest vacations have their flaws too for the fact that you can't really have them as often as you really want, I live in the US so I obviously can't go to Brazil or Thailand whenever I want; unlike strip clubs which are within a driving distance.

      and I'm proud about you and your girl but if you want to get lapdances and touch the same pair of tits and ass everyday for the rest of your life then you be my guess. also sexual attention is never free. I'm pretty sure you stay committed to your girl for a reason

Most Helpful Girl

  • LeaLee
    Strippers do everyone
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  • acooke-13
    This is sad. I think if you're settling for 'average' that's your problem you shouldn't have too settle. She should be the one giving you the affection you want, giving you FREE lap dances, you could be spending your money on better things. I think you've need to find the right woman.
    • CasaNorba

      "I think you've need to find the right woman."

      I think I made it clear enough on my mytake that I don't go to strip clubs to look for dates and relationships. I go there to have a good time and enjoy doing things that I can't do on a daily basis. so to me it sounds like you read the headline but skipped the whole story.

      till then no, I don't need a "right woman." I sure as hell don't want to see the same pair of tits and ass for the rest of my life. and dude relationships or not intimate moments are never FREE.

    • acooke-13

      I know you did, I didn't say go there to look for dates or whatever.
      No I did read it, I just think it's pathetic.
      Lol, they are free, you're clearly just doing life wrong

    • CasaNorba

      ok you mine explaining how they could be free?

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  • Joseph69
    I agree, how many normal girls out there spend so much time making themselves fit and sexy for men and will happily do a strip tease with their girlfriend for their boyfriend or husbands?
  • Bluemax
    As for point 2, strippers are never available to you. They are available to your money. In almost all cases, they couldn't care less if you dropped dead during a lap dance, so long as they were paid.

    As for point 4, having known some stripers, they most certainly find many of their clients repulsive. In fact they often find the MAJORITY of their clients repulsive. They just act like they don't. And they act like they don't for money.

    As for point 5, they "respect' your boundaries because for the most part they couldn't care less about you.
    • CasaNorba

      what makes think non-strippers are any different? hell most non-strippers nowadays will marry you and HOPE you drop dead so they can make a fortune and keep everything you worked hard for while you were alive.

      very true but at least they will never express it to you otherwise they obviously will not be getting paid.

      yea I like it this way because I could less about them as well. to be honest I rather spend time with a woman who doesn't care about me and will leave me alone after we're both through over a woman who pretends she cares about me and then will not leave me the hell alone once we're through

  • castratedwhiteguy
    You'll probably get more private action from an escort. Enjoy!
    • CasaNorba

      very true talking from experience. its too bad that I dont have enough money to afford them and sometimes its hard to ask them for sex without sounding like you're solicitating