10 YouTubers I Like


1. Emilia Fart

2. Drac Makens

3. Jeffree Star

4. Toxic Tears

(should i do a 10 un-goth confessions mytake or video?)

5. Madame Macabre

6. Vampryn

7. Project SNT

8. Dorkly

9. Animation Domination High-Def

10. The Game Theorists


~ Mrs Manson

10 YouTubers I Like
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  • DocilexElle
    ItsBlackFriday DID YOU FORGET HER?

    Mine are; Shane Dawson, Blaire White, Breann Barbie, Teal Swan, BeyondARTV, ItsBlackFriday, Steven Crowder, Jaclyn Glenn, LegalEagle, Orangelo

    Politics, Hippies and Goths OH MY!
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  • PossiblyInsane
    "(should i do a 10 un-goth confessions mytake or video?)"
    I approve, I approve
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  • Ellie-V
    I watch Emilia and Jeffree as well.
    Everyone else on your list I am unfamiliar with.
  • hindril
    Nice one. I like Toxic Tears. I am not one to watch vids like these on YouTube, just music. Toxic Tears seems more goth than anyone I have ever met. She is herself and doesn't conform to what "goth is supposed to be."
  • xTom98
    So basically a collection of weird and psycho people 😂
  • sapphire3506
    Out of all of those, I've only heard of Jeffree Star and the game theorists lol
  • AliGodlike
    oh good, now I subscribed to Toxic Tears...
    but where you don't like pewdiepie? :(
  • Wolframium
    I saw selection 2 to…like 5 and knew who posted this.
    Then I've scrolled up, and…yeah. It's you.
  • ActiveAnswers
    What do they all have in common that intrigues you to watch their videos?
  • ThePundertaker
    They’re probably cool
    But I have bad feelings about you tubers in general
    Another fantastic take and you are still very normal
  • anustart
    I dont even think jeffree star counts as a human being anymore
  • rgb008
    What are ur thoughts on Amberlynn Reid?
  • uravgguy
  • Kaneki05
    Matpat=smart me like smart.
  • Okies
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take..
  • NightOwl8801
    I like ADHD...
    Funny stuff
  • Eleni91
    Mine addictedtolove
  • Vegeta01
    Subscribe to Pewdiepie
    • Modell054

      how u 20 and watch pewdiepie

    • Vegeta01

      @Modell054 Pewdiepie is overrated. The "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" is just a meme.

  • Anonymous
    You like weird Emos.