5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

I noticed lately that this site has been plagued with several body image articles. I, myself, wrote a couple, but many of these articles seem very negative and judgmental. So I figured I’d post something a bit more positive. What better than to introduce you to some YouTube channels? No, I’m not talking about Freelee The Banana Girl, Epic Rap Battles of History, or Jenna Marbles. I mean YouTubers that you may not watch or ever heard of. I’ll try to post a variety of YouTube channels to appeal to everyone, but hopefully you like the list. They are in no particular order.

1. CinemaSins

This channel is one of my favorites because it’s very lighthearted and points out the inaccuracy of several movies in a fun way. If you’re looking for something funny and sarcastic, this is it. They also have a sister channel, MusicVideoSins, which does the same thing as CinemaSins, except for with, duh, music videos. So if you don’t feel like sitting around for a 10-15 minute critique video, MusicVideoSins would probably be a better fit.

2. Alonzo Lerone

Alonzo is just funny, flat out. There are several ‘Bad Tweet’ channels, but his is very genuine and infectious, in a good way. Plus, there’s minimal cursing, which is a plus to me. If you’re anything like me, you love humor that isn’t always so vulgar, which is pretty tough to find these days.

3. FreshPrinceYuup

He’s similar to Alonzo Lerone, but he offers more variety on his channel. His most popular series are his Struggle Meals video. He does use more curse words than Alonzo, though, but that doesn’t make him any less hilarious.

4. Mr. Nightmare

This one is for people who enjoy scary stories that are true. This guy has an amazing voice and it’s crystal clear, but he retells real life horror stories that happened to people. From Tinder to Craigslist to pizza deliveries and sleep overs, this channel is definitely for you if you like scary things and suspense. Scary true stories...here we come!

5. Dani Lauren

So this is a pretty huge jump from the other four listed. If you're someone who is trying to lose weight or wanting to learn about changing up your diet, Dani Lauren is good channel for several reasons. For one, she’s a Vegan and she’s not a bitch, unlike Freelee The Banana Girl. Her husband eats meat and they get along tremendously.

Plus, she’s really nice. She tries out different health recipes so if you have any trouble incorporating veggies in your diet, she’s great. She not only tells you what to buy, but she shows you how to cook them and then gives her own taste test review. Sometimes, her husband is even featured in it. And the best part? All her meals can be modified to include meat. There's a bonus, too. For the ladies out there, she also has several make up and fashion tip videos, too.

Hope you enjoyed the list! Stay tuned for more YouTube channel reviews in the future. What are some channels you like?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I love the youtube scary story community
    But mr nightmare doesn't come close to my favorite,
    I like Corpse husband, Lazy Masquerade, Doctor Horror, Be. Busta, Lady White Rabbit, Belladonna Black. and kingspook better


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What Guys Said 6

  • I have watched CinemaSins before, but haven't heard of the others. Thanks for the recommendations. In case you are interested here are some I enjoy.
    How It Should Have Ended
    brothers green eats
    Beyond Science
    grade a under a
    growing your greens

  • Thanks for this. I certainly don't mind people replying to other Takes (we encourage it, actually) but sometimes, the same topic can sort of revolve through the Take page for a while.

    If you see this and are getting bored, do what EllieLexis did here and shake things up a bit. :)

  • It makes me sad that science and educational videos aren't on this list...
    What is the world turning into...
    Bunch of ignorant teenagers obsessed with likes, followers and internet popularity...

    Ignore the "Editor" and go and watch Vsauce, Vsauce2, Vsauce3, ASAPscience, Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell), CGP Grey and the like...

    • Well, first, I'm not a teenager and neither are any of the people on the list I presented. They're all my age. Also, Dani Lauren and Mr. Nightmare are educational in a different way. Dani Lauren does go over the health benefits of her diet and what it does for you and Mr. Nightmare's videos involves stories with social media, explaining the danger behind doing stupid things on social media.

      This isn't a University, is a Take meant to fun and enjoyable. If you don't like it, that's your opinion, but it was written to lighten the mood of the site.

  • Alt Shift X, colossal is crazy, h3h3, YMS, infinite elgintensity, Idubbz, filthyfrank, sargon of akkad, gradeAundeA, pyrocynical and odd1sout are the best.

  • I might add to this list Communitychannel, Vsauce, and scree junkies (more specifically their honest trailers).

  • I highly recommend Good Mythical Morning 1 million times over, I nearly pissed myself from laughing so hard last episode.


What Girls Said 1

  • The only ones I watch are Cinemasins and Mr. Nightmare.


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