My Favorite YouTubers


What I do all day long is sit on my computer and watch youtube. That's all, I have no life. So here is a list of my favorite youtube channels to watch, in no paticular order.

Jenna Marbles

She has a really stupid sense of humor and I do too and that's why I like her so much. She also makes me feel better about being weird because she's weird too lol

I love watching the videos of her and her boyfriend Julien because they're hilarious together and they make a cute couple, yanno?

I used to have a huge crush on her when I was 14 lol

Shane Dawson

Shane has two styles of videos. His old style were sketches where he would dress up as different characters, and most of the time he was trying to give advice or tell a message in a funny way. His humor used to be really offensive, but that was before everyone became sensitive little babies who can't take jokes.

Now his videos are more vloggy. He sits in front of his camera and tries different food, plays with weird kids toys, tries life hacks, etc, while making jokes. He also has a creepy series where he talks about murderers or conspiracy theories.

I like both styles equally because I just love everything about Shane lol

Todrick Hall

He is a suuuper talented singer. My favorite videos from him are his parodies. He always does ghetto parodies of certain songs or movies.

He used to do flash mobs, or he would sing his orders at fast food restaurants.

He was on American Idol too. His voice and creativity blows me away.

Brandon Rogers

I discovered him when his "Mad tea part" video went viral. So many clips from his videos go viral. Like the clip of him dressed as an old man where he goes "try me bitch" lol

He's the only youtuber where I die laughing at every single one of his videos. Not even an exaggeration, all of them make me laugh so hard.

He's so underrated, he deserves a lot more subscribers.

Please watch this, you won't regret it.

Rob Dyke

This one might be kind of random but I just love videos or shows about murders and mysteries and stuff like that.

Rob always tells stories of strange deaths or murders or crimes, etc. Or he talks about really crazy stuff that happened to people.

That's why his channel is one of my favorites.

The only thing is I can never watch his videos too late at night because they scare me sometimes..

My favorite series of his is Twisted Tens

Youtubers that I USED to like

Onision - He used to be funny but now all he does is cause controversy. He does it on purpose too. He's a dick.

PrankvsPrank - I used to love them but then their pranks starting getting really lazy. They broke up now so no more pranks at all sadly. Well I think they do public pranks but I can't watch public pranks, they make me cringe.

Smosh - I used to LOVE them when I was like 12. Because that's who their humor is aimed at, 12 year old boys. Some of their OLD videos are still kinda funny though

There are a bunch of other YouTubers I really like, but these are the main ones that I watch all the time.

The end ;)

My Favorite YouTubers

Leave your favorite youtuber below and I will check them out and tell you what I think of them :))

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  • Community Channel, Natalie Tran! She has awkward rumor and I really love her for that. Super friendly and relatable. I used to watch gocheeksgo but most of his skits were removed and he got a little fame in hollywood, decided to delete most of his old videos. He was promoting them himself and thats how I found out about him.

    Those are my favorites, i'm not a fan of superwoman, forget her name- i think she tries too hard.. her videos are all ten minutes long and i always feel like i wasted my ten minutes with her.. I like school of life even though it can be biased. I also watch some buzzfeed and hollywood gossip videos about all the drama with production and actors because my bro went to nyfa and we both studied acting our whole lives.. and sometimes i feel like we dodged a bullet bc the business has a dark side that seems worse today.

    i hate onion too, right when i started watching him two years ago- before his drama went full blown, I saw all these rumors and followed the trail. I decided that the best solution is to never give this guy views, ever! The way he makes money is really hurtful and fucked up. I really think he likes girls 12-17 because he knows how easily manipulated they are than girls his own age.. creep factor supreme. Jenna marbles is lovely, I also used to watch ryan higa but he doesn't make that much videos anymore and i liked smosh too way back when. JGL also had hitrecord back 06-07, and had some interesting sketches, don't know where they are now but used to follow him. I think some of the content is too long and just a lot of filler conversation to get the watch time to ten minutes otherwise id have a longer list of favorites but Natalie Tran is number one. 👍

    • oh and wkuk! I almost forget wkuk before they got on IFC. lonely island too..

Most Helpful Guy

  • I actually prefer Cayleigh Elise to Rob Dyke and only found out about him through her


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  • Brandon Rogers is in my opinion one of the most underrated youtubers. The first video I watched was one of the Theatre Class episodes. This is like the best series on youtube and i think it's pretty sad he didn't continue with it. About the rest: some are youtubers i've never heard of, and some are ones i've never watched. My favourite youtubers are Brandon Rogers, Filthy Frank, IdubbbzTV, maxmoefoe, h3h3 and philip defranco.

    • I like Fility Frank, idubbz, and maxmoefoe too

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    • Like the human cake video haha. I've seen that video a million times

    • gentleman guide is my favourite, together with edward scissorhands

  • What about all the amateur porn stars who go under the tab "hand expression"?

  • My favorite YouTubers are Nikki and John!

  • This would normally be the part where I say "WELCOME TO THE RICE FIELDS< MOTHERFUCKER", but I'm a little bit more apprehensive about Franks more recent uploads. I was in it for the lore, but there's not enough lore ;-;
    My love will go on, however.

  • I really like "Emily Hart" - Many of her "10 reasons why" videos are really funny.

  • 1 blasphamous hd
    2 pravus gaming
    3 jacksepticeye
    4 keemstar

  • Joe Weller

  • Joey graceffa

  • Ismahawk

  • Matthew Santoro
    Ryan Higa
    Philip Defranco
    Wong Fu productions
    and a couple more that I can't remember :)


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