Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!


So, what do you think about metal? You see it as devil music? Stuff with evil black masked messages? Violent stuff? That us headbangers sacrifice a goat in the name of a dark lord? Or that it's a phase? These beliefs tend to be common among those who don't truly understand metal and those who follow the musical path.

Trust me I've heard it all. I've loved metal all my life but i really started showing it when i was around 12 or 13. I've been called names for it, guys have taken advantage of me for it, etc. But it never stopped me. It still gives me annoyance about how normal society puts down metalheads or general alternative folks for being different.

So today, i wrote this to help give a better understanding of what metal is and isn't, and debunking the myths. First im starting off with this....

1. "Metal is devils music!"

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

I think even satan himself would laugh at that sentence. Usually when metalheads are confronted with such a thing, by default they say that metal ain't satanic. However that itself is biased.

Metal has a variety of religious backgrounds. Whether it has to do with the bands' religious beliefs, or the lyrics. For example, the band Venom. Their lyrics were the prototype for black metal and thrash because of darkness behind it. Songs were very satan-centric, and spoke of other demons as well an example is in the song "To Hell And Back", the part where the lyrics go "-arm and arm with Lucifer, Belial on my back. I have swam the lake of flames, walked forbidden tracks.." However none of the guys in the band were really religious, just atheistic. Why did they act satanic then? It was for shock factor. They wanted to scare! They had a fascination with whatever freaked people out.

Slayer, too. They were one of the early thrash metal bands of the 80s. And spoke of hell, wars, satan, etc. However Tom Araya is catholic.

All genres of music have religious varieties. And it's the same with all metal music. there's wiccan/pagan bands, atheistic, satanic, christian, buddhist, etc. Even in black metal there are christian bands.

So really, its not all about satan worshipping. The lyrics and sound are mainly there for shock factor just like a horror movie. Would being a killer in a horror movie make you a killer in real life? No. Then does that mean speaking of dark things in metal make you evil? Hell no.

Plus, think about this (some headbangers may get pissed at this lol). Whenever you see pentagrams and inverted crosses involved in a band's imagery, consider the true origins...

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!
Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

Before the pentagram was an occult symbol, medieval christianity used the pentagram as the symbol of the 5 wounds of Jesus, and as a protective symbol to keep demons at bay. The inverted cross originated from the story of St. Peter, who wanted to be crucified upside down because he didn't feel worthy to die the same way Christ did. Much later in time these things became symbols in witchcraft and Satanism.

2. "Metal makes you depressed and causes violence."

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

In recent time I've heard this even more. Being someone who deals with depression, I've had moments where people on this site have blamed my music for it. When really they have no damn clue how my life is really like. Through the decades, metal and rock n roll have been accused of causing bad things. Such as how infamous killer Richard Ramirez said that AC/DC's "Night Prowler" influenced him to kill. I heard a story once how some dumb kid wanted to do the things mentioned in Slayer songs.

Im sure your thinking this counteracts my point. Well anyone who lets music control them like that are dumbasses. The truth is, to enjoy metal music, you have to enjoy it responsibly with common sense. Which means enjoying it without treating it like a how-to manual on how to live. Again, just like how you watch horror stuff with common sense. It's NEVER, NEVER the band's fault for any bad things happening. It's the listeners fault. Anyone who lets lyrics influence them in such a way are irresponsible.

For people who truly love the music, they look into the positive sides of metal, which i will mention about later. But i can tell you that a lot of metalheads are genuinely peaceful people.. Why? We all let out our hurt and rage through the music. I don't know about you but id say thats a much safer way of getting that anger out! However i will say that all metalheads are individuals, so there may be Johnny over there head banging to some Megadeth and feeling happy, while Sarah is doing the same but has depression but is letting it out in the music.

3. "Musicians out there take drugs and drink and fuck around!"

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

Dude it seems like no matter the music genre (kinda) this is what is heard. I guess. The fact is, just like people, bands are individual too. Some bands do get boozed up and all that, while others don't. Hell, early Metallica is a prime example of the side of heavy drinking. Why do you think there's a tribute band called Alcoholica?

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

But that never means that every band is like that. I've heard of bands who have never touched any of that crap.

As for influencing the kids out there to get their hands on some drink, smoke and booty, again, its not the musician's fault. If you see some 13 year old sitting on the porch with a bottle of Bud Light in one hand and a joint in the other hand after he listened to AC/DC "Have A Drink On Me", its his own stupidity. He used sound waves as something telling him what to do. I actually snuck a little beer when i was 12 years old, but it never had to do with music. I never had a single song in my head. Never have wanted to waste myself on drugs though.

Sex Again, this is the same case. Bands aren't trying to make the kids go fucking around. If it influenced me i would be some whore by now. You know i remember when i was 13 my mom got a few songs from iTunes from the hair metal band BulletBoys, one song was called "Smooth Up In Ya". Raunchy AS HELL. Got awkward when my mom told me to not let anyone know that i heard it in the car. Lmao..

4. "Metalheads are uneducated losers"

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

Ha, no. Some are, some aren't! Id say i classify as an uneducated loser in the Algebra department, but not really with other stuff. I just struggle in that bullshit cause its like stuff rocket scientists would use. But anyway, I've known some headbangers who were like total gods in school, acing everything. I also knew a guy who didn't give a rat's ass about education and would let himself sleep through live streamed classes in my online school. Honestly if a band is decent enough to not jam on one chord or play around on one bass string, they must not be so uneducated if they can learn how to play an instrument well.

5. "Metalheads are skin cutting emos"

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!


I'm not working against the emo subculture, but emo and metal are not the same thing. In my late middle school years i had a friend who was emo. She liked metal and punk too, but if you compare Black Veil Brides to Slayer, trust me you can tell the difference. Let's just leave it at that.

6. "Well abigail, what are actually the positive sides to such brutal music?"

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!

There's actually a lot. First, to be a metalhead means you are encouraged to be yourself. You don't have to dress in raggedy denim and leather to be metal. I have a close friend who is a headbanger but looks like any normal girl. She has a nose ring and at one time had a blue mohawk but in most cases she blends into the crowd. While she listens to Cannibal Corpse :) Though when people are around me they can easily tell i love metal music cause i tend to sport my oversized band shirts and beat up jeans and spikes.

Another good thing about metal, less censorship. Now yes i know that there are warning labels on some albums, and radio edits of a song where "fuck" is removed from the lyrics. But really metal speaks about the darker sides of things. War, evil, murder, power, greed, etc. Metal bands speak of this because a lot of other bands are afraid to speak of such things. And there is nothing wrong with giving acknowledgement to the evils of this world, because its ignorance if someone tries not to believe that they have a dark side. We all have a light side and dark side within us.

Metal encourages self-expression and for people to think for themselves. It's a form of counter culture, breaking free from the chains that society holds you down with.

It's another form of artistic expression as well.

But what is the most rad thing about the music and subculture is the acceptance. It doesn't matter what color you are, your religion, political views, etc, as long as you headbang along\m/

Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!


Is metal music ungodly? Violent? Depressive? Etc? These myths debunked by a headbanger herself!
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  • SirRexington
    I have been listening to punk and metal since I was in middle school. 6th grade. Everyone thought I was weird then, they thought I was weird in high school. The stuff I used to wear, lol. Not for the average Joe. My music was even less for the average Joe.

    Metal makes me feel happy, it is an audible expression of how I feel. I wore a Bad Religion shirt (not metal, I know) and i was called "stupid atheist looking like an idiot". My mom wasn't too happy about it. I called her a "stupid Christian sounding like an idiot".

    Metalheads get discriminated against a lot.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Punk is fun shit too. Its such a shame that so many punk rockers and metalheads get attacked so much by society

  • Phanta
    Here's something interesting: The Ramones (purely a punk band, not metal) produced a song titled: Suzy is a Headbanger. So you don't have exclusive rights to that term. I switched from heavy metal to punk about 30 years ago.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • MlleCake
    Some of it is. But I think it's ok to express these things. Metal is often a commentary on society.

    I'm generally not a metal fan - just isn't music I care for usually.

    But I was witness to all the ridiculous back lash going back to the 1980s. Always thought it was ridiculous.

    Music has always represented a wide variety of human experience from light to dark.
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    • I've noticed too that sometimes people who love metal are seen as arrogant music wise. There are some out there who can be like that really but to me there's no problem with somebody else having another music taste. Everybody likes what they like :)

    • MlleCake

      I still think Dave Mustane is a douche.

    • Dont worry i believe the same lol. He always seems to be like some whiny kid.

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  • Lance1965
    Metal music is about freedom more than anything else. The critics of metal are quick to point fingers at the Satanic, evil sounding bands but they never mention all the bands that have nothing to do with any of that. The majority of metal lyrics are fantasy based.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Here are some of those satanists we always hear about.
  • PrincessGrail
    This is a great Take!!! I used to listen to metal sometimes in high school.
  • DamnSam
    You know that metal evolved from people in Scandinavia who had enough to see christian people take keltic churches to make them christian... often violently

    So as I see it, the violence was provocated... if people come to me and try destroy what I believe, I would do the same, stand my point...
  • Twat_Twig
    I enjoy metal/alternative music, always have. First band I ever really got into was Linkin Park. My boyfriend definitely loves metal. More than I do I think lol. His favorite band is Slipknot.
    • Twat_Twig

      People who think metal music is "evil" or "negative" haven't taken the time to really understand the music.

  • TripleAce
    Well to be fair it clearly doesnโ€™t have the frequency to be relaxing. It puts people on edge for the most part

    Itโ€™s not really anything that sounds beautiful in it. Rarely that is

  • BlackDawn
    Stupid fear mongering lol first it was jazz then it was rock then it was metal. I'm waiting for country to be next.
  • vald9inches
    i only have this to say to all the haters :3
  • Volb3at
    Great MyTake. I canโ€™t believe so many people are still against it in this day and age. Rock on 🤘🏻🤘🏻
    • Volb3at

      And if people took the time to listen to the lyrics of some metal songs... they can be beautiful!!

  • MikeTheGreek79
    Metal Great Music Black Sabbath, DIO, Gโ€™Nโ€™R , Megadeth I saw Megadeth Open for Sabbath In 07.
    • So awesome. I got to see Anthrax for my 17th birthday, front row

    • And I was 28 DIO was with Sabbath place they played no longer around and Guns โ€˜Nโ€™ Roses was a fun Concert in 2016.

  • ericclayton
    Not necessarily. Dave Mustaine is a devout Christian and Dave Ellefson is an ordained Lutheran minister, for example.
  • Gopnik
    metal is supposed to be the devil's music, pisses of them snowflakes and i like every part of that.
  • DDpsy
    Ah to be young again, to be so sure about what it all means and to give so much of a fuck about it all again.
  • FunkyMonkee
    The modern stuff is pretty boring and CAN be depressing because of that.
  • Aynsof
    Yes it is totally evil satanic devil music
    Best stay away from it or Jebus won't love you
  • ThePundertaker
    I feel like those stereotypes fit rap better than metal
    • Tyliah


    • @Tyliah lol wut?

    • Tyliah

      I don't know I was drunk when I typed that remember

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  • MarketData
    Only the good stuff. If you're in doubt listen to Cannibal Corpse, Deicide or Leviathan.
  • spartan55
    Bullet Boys? LMAO...
  • monkeynutts
    Go to bed you goose.
    • Lol i had to distract my mind in order to get at least 2 hours of sleep.

    • Yeah its better to try and maintain regular sleep patterns, how is your job searching going?

    • Still been looking, applying here and there. Still haven't had the chance to visit the record shop and ask if they'd hire me

  • Tyliah
    No it is very laid back and chill
  • Secretgardenblood
    Good take. ...
  • ScottSummers
    ty! great take
  • MisterSir
    i agree