PSA: You're Not Cool For Bashing Other People's Music

Everyone has their own unique taste in music. Whether it's Metallica or Madonna, everyone usually knows what they like.

PSA: You're Not Cool For Bashing Other People's Music

Music makes people happy, and it's a beautiful thing. However, a common problem I see within music discussions is shaming other people for what they like.

It doesn't happen all the time, but it is a recurring problem. Fans of different genres will be caught in wars about which music is better.

In all honesty, I find that fans of rock music tend to be the worst at music-shaming. As a rock fan myself, I think it's totally rude to make someone feel bad for liking what they like. Sure, it might be awful music, but if it makes them happy who cares? You're not better than everyone else just because you listen to the Rolling Stones.

I'm not saying you need to pretend to like One Direction just to please your friend, but saying it's not "real music" and just making them feel like crap for enjoying something isn't being a great friend. We have no right to ruin other people's happiness.

All in all, I think certain people need to be more considerate of other people's enjoyment. I think it's important to understand the line between playful criticism and being a jerk. Let's all just try to be mindful of what we're saying to one another.


PSA: You're Not Cool For Bashing Other People's Music
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  • Gottabsavagee

    I’ve never bashed anyone’s music. Everyone has their taste and it’s ok. What someone liked doesn’t mean another one will but that also doesn’t mean that it’s not a good music.

    I listen to several different types of genres for different occasions. Depends on my mood. I like to relate to music so I often listen to songs that describe my current feelings.

    Music has a big power, it can change your mood to positive and to negative, it can make you feel lonely or loved. Music can bring the memories that you shared. Music is everything. I can’t imagine my life without it.

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  • weirdoweirdo

    I dont bash on anyones music taste, I make fun of one of my best friend music taste because he makes fun if mine tho... Most people bash me for my music taste because they either think its shit or just weird, but I've grown to not give a fuck anymore so now they just have to deal with me blasting my music in the gym. Not my problem.

    • Anonymous

      I think playful teasing about it is fine. My friends and I do that also, but that's because we know none of us will take it personally.

  • EpicDweeb

    I don't care if I'm cool or not... no one can convince me "harsh noise" can be considered legitimately artistic, harmonic, or truly musical in any regard. I won't bash the people who listen to it just the "music" itself. Hate the game not the player... or in this case the music not the listener.

  • kespethdude

    Thank you. I wish someone said this back when I was in school. Cuz back int hat day "Whgat are you listening to?" was ALWAYS a trap. Any answer other than "none of your damn business" resulted in "your band sucks!" or heterosexist (yes, that is the correct term in this case) slurs. In fact, I alwasy answer that question with "I plead the fifth" which is a funnier and less offensive way of saying "none of your damn business".

    • And I agree with this mytake iwth the sole exception of Justin Bieber. IMHO he's the only one that truly sucks. Everything else is ok with me, or at least tolerable enough not to insult.

  • IKissedAGirl

    You have to have low self esteem and low confidence to ridicule someone’s taste in music and make your song choices seem superior lmao like wtf, who even does that?

    • Uru_DS

      Oh you'll be surprised as to how many people do.

  • Chthou95

    Pop fans can be pretty opinionated about other genres too. You still have people who listens to pop or rap today saying that rock & metal music is satanic & is not real music. I don't think it will ever stop, but you just gotta ignore ignorant stuff people say about your music taste

  • SexyAshh

    I listen to all kinds of stuff, usually i find stuff no one has really heard of or just
    Older music. I hate mainstream pop.

    I've never had anyone bash me, who even does that,?🤦‍♀️😂

  • TsundereMatrix

    I was considered “uncool” because I listened to “uncool” music. Thank you!

  • AlexBlack007

    GREAT take! Can you believe that my GUITAR COACH used to mock me for loving Linkin Park? Why? Because he didn't find their music hard enough to play!!! Can you believe that? And it's not like I don't like any other music besides Linkin Park, I love music from all genres! Hell, part of the reason LP is my favorite is because I don't love a particular genre more than other genres. I like music that sounds complete to me. And that exists in every genre there is. I like music which I feel is just perfect, like any improvisation or addition would ruin how fantastic it already is. This is why I never insult any genres, I have favorites in all of them.

  • KSHMR7

    This happens not only for music, but food, clothes, movies, public figures etc also.
    See there are assholes, and you can't do much about them.. If you keep giving their opinions attention.
    So ignore them until it's okay.

  • NerdInDenial

    Many just feel the need to bash others to feel important or validated.

  • Piteka5

    It depends on the music itself, you take a look at the songs in eurovision and see all of them are amazingly bashable

  • No_Archons

    Bashing made to market trash is always necessary and acceptable.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • BonnieBunny



    Unless it's mumble rap

  • Anonymous

    Telling people that mumble rap garbage is not music isn't about being cool, it's about expecting people to stop giving talent-less garbage fame and money.

  • Anonymous

    I always have to remind girls that they have very poor taste in music

  • Anonymous

    I tend to take pleasure and pride in listening to a specific genre of music that most people in the USA either don't like, or are unfamiliar with. Their disapproval doesn't bother me in the least. I'm extremely confident about what I like and WHY I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I noticed that those who like music from the previous millennium almost always bash those who like music from this millenium.

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend who is really into death metal and I can never understand how he can understand the lyrics when all I hear is loud growling. Other than that I don’t have an issue with it.