Gotta Travel On: songs about traveling and being on the road.

As you probably know, I will be taking a bus trip starting today. So in honor of the occasion, I am compiling this mytake full of travel theme songs. Most of these are Country songs by artists you probably never heard of and we're way before most of your time. Nevertheless they are relevant and great songs for the occasion.

Gotta Travel On- Billy Grammer

500 Miles- The Proclaimers

500 Miles Away From Home- Bobby Bare

Promised Land- Chuck Berry

I've Been Everywhere- Hank Snow

I know Johnny Cash also covered this. But, this version is the best and original.

Six Days On The Road- Sawyer Brown

Another cover of a classic song. This one is more themed to road tripping where as the original was about Truck Driving.

On The Road Again- Willie Nelson

Ride Away- Roy Orbison

Vanessa carlton- a thousand miles

Going Up The Country- Canned Heat

If you can think of more feel free to post them.

Gotta Travel On: songs about traveling and being on the road.
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  • This might be the first question EVER, where I agree with every answer, to date, 11:40am. EDT Audust 24th. Ill add Leaving on a Jet Plane, Peter Paul & Mary, .. Traveling Man , Ricky Nelson... End of the Line . Traveling Willburys... Road Trippin, Redhot Chilli Peppers... Too many to list

    Is this still revelant?
    • Matt57

      Another Ricky Nelson fan❤️

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  • I'm late to the party but I like these songs though:

    Summer Salt - Driving To Hawaii

    Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer

    Twenty One Pilots - Ride

    The Lumineers - Sleep On The Floor

    Lord Huron - Ends of the Earth

    Coldplay - O Fly On

    AURORA - Half The World Away

  • USedName5zO8sham3

    U need to add that song that goes, "we got a long way to go and a short time to get there... Something something.. loaded up and trucking.. we're gonna do what they say can't be done." ... Maybe Waylon Jennings I don't know...

    And if course Wherever I May Roam by Metallica.

  • GhettoGirl

    Try "Two of Us" from the Beatles.. our band jazzed it up a bit but their version sounds sort of English country or folksy. Good road song.
    Also got Gladys Knight "Midnight Train"

  • DWornock

    Those are excellent songs, but I would add the Tennessee Stud and my favorite "Cry of the Wild Goose."

  • Shocked no one mentioned Turn the Page by Bob Seger. The opening line is literally "here I am on the road again" lol

  • SirRexington

    Not a country fan. But I've always wanted to travel cross country. I almost did right outta high school but things happened which nipped that in the butt.

  • Curmudgeon
  • GreenPenguin

    Only old songs, you should broaden your horizon, add something new to the mix. For example: Muse - Something Human

  • CocoBat

    I just open the window and listen to synthwave or something, that way I can imagine awesome highway gunfights and fighting on top of the passing trucks

  • loki35

    Gotta have 6 days on the road I think of it every time I pass a scale house

  • CaptainSmartass

    2468 Motorway by Tom Robinson Band
    Autobahn by Kraftwerk


  • Portissac

    Love the choices especially canned heat and being from UK the Proclaimers great song

  • ramb47

    I think Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin is a good travel-esque song.

  • Price511

    have you ever heard country roads

  • SydneySentinel

    Nice list!

  • IceCastles

    Midnight Train to Georgia? I don't know.

  • Chadnelson1973

    On the road again Willie Nelson

  • jojouzumaki

    Good songs.

  • TheAceholeSupreme666

    "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar from 1984.

  • DesertOasisMan

    Life is a Highway- Rascal Flatts

  • Maria1995

    Nice list.

  • skeetskeetskeet

    can't forget turn the page by bob segar

  • lonleydaybob

    The Roadhouse Blues
    The doors