Songs that get me going and ready.

Everyone has certain songs.that get them in the mood and ready throws their way. These are just some songs that get me in the zone and get me ready to carpe diem

Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

Fun fact about this song, this song is based off a real road in my hometown back in Tennessee thar was well known for moonshining

Gimme Thre Steps by Lynard Skynard

Sweet Homr Alabama By Lynard Skynard

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard

Flirtin With Disaster by Molly. Hatchet

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica

War Machine By Kiss

Back In Black by ACDC

These are just sone of.the songs that give me a get up and go attitude. These are the kind of songs that I feel like would start playing when I walk into a room and feel like a badass. What are some.of.yours? Feel free to share.

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  • I loved your Take and I just did a Take as a response! I mostly like 'put some sugar on me', from the songs above. I'm going to listen to all of them!


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  • My dad grew up with lynard skynard. This was his favorite thoughhttps://youtu. be/R3rnxQBizoU

  • Nice song choices

    • Thanks! I love to listen to rock and. metal when I need to be pumped up. Country when I need to relax and Classical when I need sleep. So my. music depends on my mood.

  • Pour Some Sugar On Me is my fave out of those.


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