Monologues that would develope characters like Ariel or Rusty from footloose the musical?

I'm trying out for a play soon but I don't know what monologue to do to try out with. I want either rusty or Ariel I haven't decided yet. But I would like to practice monologues for both of them to see which I'm better at? Can someone please help?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You mean you've narrowed it down to those two? If so just go with the one you think you're better at.

    Or were you asking something else? Like for a different monologue in a similar vein? If so, there are tons available online. Shakespeare is always good and there's one for every occasion. :)

    • I'm just looking for something simlar to their character

    • I'd suggest googling "monologue" plus whatever descriptors you think apply to either character. You should find some good options that way. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Directors usually prefer if you don't do a monologue from the show that you're auditioning for. The director then gets an unbiased look at how well you act and how you present yourself. That's how they choose what role you get in the show.

    • I don't want one from the show. I want one that matches their personality

    • I wouldn't worry about doing something to match their personality. If you're good and look the part as the director envisions it then you will get the part. Just choose a monologue that's similar to the show itself

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