I love Jazz but hate Louis Armstrong's voice, what's wrong with me?

I love Ella to the moon and back. And I love a good jazz standard. But I avoid any duet or Armstrong hit. Am I insane. I'm currently listening to Dream a Little Dream of Me-Ella and Louis. Training to appreciate a legend.

Am I crazy?
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  • I love Louie and his voice is definitely unique but not for everyone. I don't think it makes you less of a jazz person because you dislike his voice. It's just a matter of preference.

    Do you like Billie Holiday? On my list of great classic Jazz vocalist it's Billie, Sara Vaughn and Ella

    • Yes, I love all three. :)
      Lullaby of Birdland-Sara Vaughn is one of my favorite songs.

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  • I'm a huge fan of Louis Armstrong, but I can understand why some people wouldn't prefer his style. Here are two of my favorites, one from Armstrong (his last song before he died) and another from Billie Holiday.


    • billie is the greatest. I listen to her anticipating how she's going to sing the next word, phrase, verse.

    • I've never heard the mix of the Billie Holiday song you shared. It's wonderful.

      Even though, I'm personally not a fan of his voice, I appreciate the music and the lyrics especially.

  • As I have studied you and your delusional qualities in-depth... yes I can admit you are indeed cray-cray:P Louis Armstrong's voice is ok but its sounds like he's dying half the time... lets put some berry white on that bby!

  • no you are not mad, his voice was unusual, to some probably sounds like a gruff cheese grater!!

  • Some people you just don't like. There's nothing wrong with that. However, make sure you're not liking them for a GOOD reason, not a bad one, such as race

  • Then why not listed to his older records where he doesn't sing, like the "Red Hot 3's and 5's".

    • good point. he's got tons of music where he doesn't sing or only sings sparingly

    • I should have mentioned I love his other work besides singing. Good thought though.

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