Any non-sexist anime with a gay character?

Ok. So i need an anime that is not sexist and treats males and females as even, and has maybe a gay character.
PLEASE NOTE i don't want a yaoi that its main focus is on gay romance or anything; just simply an anime that might has a gay character or romance and is considered normal and usual.
and i would prefer if the anime is a fantasy or science fiction or something.

Also, please NOTE that it doesn't need to have a woman as a main character, but the anime must show girls as if they actually HAVE personalities and they actually contribute to the plot more than the love interest of the protagonist.


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  • I rarely see any that are nonsexist but the only one I can think of right now is attack on titan. None have any gay characters

    • i read that it is sexist. i wil see it though. my idea for sexism is when women\men are acting like the stereotype and don't feel or do something because this is their sterotype.

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    • Jean was a little hot headed but he's honest and a good leader

    • He is not as strong as Mikasa or Eren. He does feel down. He feels anger, and he sometimes finds it hard to control his emotions. i feel this is because he is insecure and he doesn't want to feel left out. this is why he hates to follow the rules blindly

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  • I am in doubt there will be some snice the Japanese culture in terms of men and women is still very traditional involving gender roles.


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