Is Richard Sherman a arrogant piece of shit?

Ever since he started plying in the NFL and giving interviews I always disliked that guy. He just annoys me with his arrogant attitude and his cheating and just beeing a douche.
He just grabbed Julio Jones arm against the Falcons and now he just smashed into the kicker of the Bills which could have broken that guys leg. What a piece of shit and then he gives these interviews. I don't know he just annoys me a lot what do you think? :P


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  • Richard Simmons is a sad man who made weird exercise videos in the 80s. He's odd, but I don't think he's a piece of shit.

    • lmao that was funny but he wasn't who I was talking about :P. The guy I'm talking bout is a football player. But thanks for the video though :).

    • A football player? Then he probably is an arrogant piece of shit! If he isn't Tom Brady, I don't care for him.

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  • I dont like him
    Im a pats fan so ofcourse my fav sherman momment was seeing his soirits break when butler got the into to win the super bowl
    It made it even better that shermab was taunting the pats throughot the game lol

    • I'm a falcons fan :P But I like the patriots and the giants too lol I don't know there's a few teams that are not my team but I root for them sometimes when he falcons are not playing them. The Patriots seem to be the smartest team in the NFL by far when it comes tothe coaching staff and management etc. They probably could find a way to win with me as quarterback or maybe even a sleeping snorlax lol ^^

    • Yes that was a sweet moment inthe superbowl. I thought it was over for the patriots I was already thinking not the Seahawks nooo. And then this happened :O. Honestly it's such a great play because even when you think something is coming often people hesitate and then they're not there in time even though they knew it. But he just went ham with no hesitation and risked everything and snatched the ball, great play.

    • Yea there are only a few teams i hate and believe it or not the giants arnt one of them lol
      The jets suck tho they have the worst fans🙄
      And do t forget to give props to our cornor back thag the time, browner. He set up a beautiful pick and if it wasn't for him butler wouldn't have been in that position
      Go back and watch the play you'll see what i mean

  • I have never liked him. I lost all respect when he hit Carpenter last night.

  • Yeah he's definitely arrogant and an asshole

  • Is he cocky-yes
    Is he a good cornerback-yes
    Does he talk a lot of shit-yes
    Does he back it up on the field-yes
    But a piece of shit-no

    • Richard Sherman is a massive piece of shit. I especially despise him for supporting Kaepernick and disrespecting the US flag. I would not piss on him if he was on fire!

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