Boyfriend wants me to fart? LOL?

So... this may seem like a weird question but I genuinely don't know what to make of his request. We've been dating for 3 years and not once have I ever farted in front of him. We've slept over at each other's houses countless times but I always do it in private because in my mind that's just the classy thing to do aha :P But now he keeps bringing up the fact that he's never witnessed anything human from me and he wants to know I'm human lol :P He literally won't stop bugging me about it and insists that I should fart or burp in front of him! I'm honestly not comfortable with either and he keeps teasing me about it and saying he won't love me any less if I do. It's like he's waiting for it to happen and he thinks it would be hilarious to catch me in the act. At first I thought he was kidding because it was such a silly request lol but he's like "I want you to feel comfortable enough to fart around me." I literally died laughing and was like "It has nothing to do with comfort levels. I'm supposed to be a lady!" He was like "So you're always holding in your farts when you're around me?" Just the topic is embarrassing enough and it seems like the more I say no the more curious he is about my bodily functions lol. Is this normal to ask of your girlfriend? Why is he so curious about my farts/burps? LOL :) Guys, please explain this to me! Thanks!
Boyfriend wants me to fart? LOL?
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