Why does my boyfriend want to hear me fart? Lol?

He's always been comfortable with bodily functions and I've always been the type do it in private because I don't want him hearing it! Lol. Anyway, I wasn't feeling well and he was trying to make me feel better by just sitting next to me. I just wanted him to leave the room because I had to fart lol and I didn't want him to be there when it happened. He could tell something was up because I was kind of shifting around in our bed and he asked what was wrong. I couldn't come up with a lie so I just admitted that I needed to fart lol. He kept playfully telling me to just do it because he obviously never heard it before and I was like "I'm not farting in front you. I'm a lady!" He kept nagging me to do it because he was like "I've never heard it before. Do you even fart?" I kept saying no and then he was like "It's really not a big deal, Emma. If you need to fart, just fart. I promise I won't laugh." Why did he keep insisting that I fart? Lol. It's just mortifying and completely embarrassing to do in front of anyone lol. We was genuinely upset about it and said "You obviously don't trust me if you can't fart in front of me." LOL. What does one have to do with the other? :P
Why does my boyfriend want to hear me fart? Lol?
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