Boyfriend made me pee myself?

Yesterday while I was watching my favorite TV show on the couch, my boyfriend walked into the room and started massaging my shoulders. I was positioned between his legs and his arms were wrapped around my torso. He slowly shifted from massaging me to softly tickling me and I was laughing super hard. I could feel myself getting breathless and I was shrieking so much trying to get him to stop but he thought it was super entertaining and so continued doing it. Before he started tickling me I really had to pee & he struck at the worst moment. I was like "Stop it! I have to pee!" and he was like "You're saying that just to get me to stop tickling you ahaha." I was like "Seriously! I'm about to pee myself! Get off!" I tried pushing him off but he's stronger and I wasn't able to get up fast enough. Before I knew it my insane laughter caused me to literally pee myself. I was SO embarrassed when I got up and he saw it & I was like "I told you! You're such an asshole. Now I have to change my clothes!" He was like "Tara, I'm sorry. I honestly didn't think it was that much of an emergency." He does seem apologetic but he couldn't stop laughing at me. He was trying to keep it to himself but he broke out laughing at least once or twice and I was super annoyed at him. Why does he think it's funny? I was so mortified!! What do I do now? I'm so embarrassed. Am I overreacting?
Boyfriend made me pee myself?
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