Piper Blush - is she for real, or is the joke on her 'patrons'?

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My good friend @policelivesmatter posted a video earlier this week, which introduced me to somebody I've previously been entirely unaware of - Piper Blush.

I am of the belief that this girl is a genius, who has worked out that there is a massive market out there for this kind of thing - 9 million followers on YouTube, and if 0.5% of these subscribe to her site at $20 a throw, then that will make Piper a rather wealthy young lady.

Other people I've discussed this with think, however, that this IS the real Piper, and that she is actually like this, and isn't acting, and playing a role.

What do you think G@G, is she for real, or does she deserve an Oscar?
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I ballsed up, by not checking my facts before I posted, people - 300,000 subscribers, NOT 9 million.

Thanks to @PrincessPie for pointing that out :)
Piper Blush - is she for real, or is the joke on her 'patrons'?
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